The Call Of A Nation

Poem: The Call Of A Nation By: Mary Brown

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They were of miry clay,
From deep within the earth’s core.
…Of paps that often gave suck,
To the first born son that mother bore.

They traveled on foot,
With hand made hunting gear.
Each man was a BROTHER,
No need to live in fear.

They were given dominion over the animals,
Working and tilling a fertile soil.
They became a wealthy nation,
With black skin as smooth as oil.

Black pride in the making,
..happy to see His own succeed.
Protection, love, and honor to the family,
As God increased his seed.

From the mother land to America,
Caused by transgressions of another race.
Removed from his familiar surroundings,
To a different life In a different place.

If ever there was a group of people,
Who could not be destroyed from the earth.
It would be the African American folk,
With a priceless value as their worth.

Through the many trials and tribulations,
Awesome wonders and achievements made.
Don’t forget the call of this one NATION,
Of whom God is not ashamed that HE made.

Photo Courtesy Of Archie4oz

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