Will He Ever Settle Down? (8 Early Warning Signs He Fears Commitment) [Commitment phobic men]

Will He Ever Settle Down? (8 Early Warning Signs He Fears Commitment)

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Commitment phobic men are the worst.

At first, they are ready to settle down. Then their commitment phobia kicks in, and they begin to pull away from the relatonship.

Frustrating right?

If you are tired of dating men who simply won’t commit for the long term, but it seems to take them forever to come clean and admit it, then it’s time for you to take action!

No doubt you’re tired of these patterns repeating themselves over and over again in your life.

Is there something wrong with you that prevents men from committing?


Commitment phobic men tend to be non-committal in many areas of their lives.

Some would say this is one of the main differences between dating a boy vs dating a man.

So don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s just time for you to be proactive and screen the men you date for early warning signs of commitment phobia.

Disappointers and time wasters should no longer be a part of your dating life, at least not for extended periods of time.

Here are a few early warning signs that the guy you’re dating might have commitment issues.

Will He Ever Settle Down? (8 Early Warning Signs He Fears Commitment) [Commitment phobic men]

“Baby you know I have work to do.”

Sign #1: He has a busy life.

He has a 9 to 5 job but often works late; he is busy during the weekends with a business he’s building, he has a hobby that is consuming most of his spare time, maybe kids from a previous relationship he needs to spend quality time with regularly. You always see him running around, and he rarely manages to go out on a date with you without having to answer his phone or send emails every 5 minutes.

I’m sorry but…

No matter how demanding his schedule is, and no matter how hectic his life might be, there’s no excuse for him not make more time for you.

Will He Ever Settle Down? (8 Early Warning Signs He Fears Commitment) [Commitment phobic men]

Former President Barack Obama spending quality time with his wife… While running the country…

Above is former President Barack Obama spending quality time with his wife while he was running the country. Clearly, NOBODY is too busy… It’s about PRIORITIES.

If the President can find time to spend with his wife, anyone can.

With a man that always claims he’s too busy for you, the odds of him one day telling you he simply doesn’t have time for a girlfriend or fiancé right now is high.

So pay close attention to this essential detail of how busy and consumed he says his life is.

A guy who doesn’t prioritize the woman he cares about or at least tries to spend more time with her is not a man who is planning on making a commitment anytime soon.

If you have been involved in a steady relationship for a while now, and you still don’t seem to be on your man’s list of priorities, it might be time to move on. Or at the least discuss your concerns with him.

But that will likely only trigger his commitment phobia tendencies, and he will begin to separate himself from the relationship.

Sign #2. He switches jobs a lot.

If you are dating a guy and it seems like he’s quitting and starting a new job every other week he likely has commitment issues.

Men that change jobs a lot usually change women a lot also.

Beware of “Job Hopping Johnny” as I like to call them.

Sign #3. He has more than one baby mother and has never been married.

Okay, I’m not trying to diss men with kids. We’re all grown, so we all have a past.

However, if a man has numerous baby mothers and never married either of them he might have commitment issues.

In fact, I listed these types of men as simply undateable in my book “Secrets Revealed: The Uncut Truth That Will Change Your Love Life Forever.”

Make no doubt about it, numerous baby mothers is a sign of a commitment phobic man.

But the next sign might be even more telling…

Sign #4. He has a baby mother or girlfriend that he was with for years and never married her.

This is one of the most universal signs displayed by commitment phobic men.

If he had a girlfriend or baby mother that he was with for 5 or 6 years and he never married her, he likely has commitment issues.

And I can almost guarantee that those commitment issues are at the core of why they aren’t together anymore.

Sign #5: He’s lying… And you know it…

Your sixth sense is telling you that the inconsistent stories he has been telling you has more to do with his lying and deceiving rather than his busy schedule and hectic lifestyle. 

In fact, you’re starting to think that he might be cheating. Which is the clearest sign of commitment phobia that there is.

Take some time and analyze him; listen to his excuses, compare and contrast the details. Are things sounding more unbelievable from one story to the next?

If he is having a hard time being truthful with you, then he is not ready for a committed relationship… And probably never will be…

Side Note: If you think your man is lying to you about where he’s been or why he’s too busy to spend time with you there’s a simple trick you can use to find out the truth.

It’s called a Volatile Conundrum. It’s an FBI interrogation tactic, and it works like a charm. 

Thank me later. ????

Will He Ever Settle Down? (8 Early Warning Signs He Fears Commitment) [Commitment phobic men]

“He said he would be here an hour ago.”

Sign #6: He never backs up his promises.

No matter how small and insignificant they might be, make no doubt these are signs he will do the same concerning your moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, and a host of other things.

If he makes plans but instead of following through he procrastinates and makes excuses, you are dealing with a guy that is showing clear evidence that he has issues following through with his commitments.

Sign #7: He recently broke up with his girlfriend. 

A guy that just broke up with his girlfriend is usually on the rebound and simply looking for fun, and possibly a distraction from his broken heart.

Don’t get me wrong, your relationship with him could blossom into something more.

But at this point, he’s likely not looking for commitment.

I’m not saying he doesn’t like you. He might really be into you, but if he is not emotionally ready to commit it’s not going to happen.

Proceed with caution.

Sign #8: He is too into you!

This is one of the stranger signs that a man has commitment issues, but keep an eye out for it.

If you meet a man and he sweeps you off your feet and makes everything about you sound so wonderful and perfect, like he worships the ground you walk on, but he barely knows you.

This guy is probably a player, and you are likely being targeted as his next victim.

Once again, proceed with caution. Especially if he displays any of these other classic signs that he might be a player.


You might notice one or several of these signs of commitment phobic men in your current partner.

It’s best that you use your smarts and trust your intuition in this situation.

If you are sure he won’t commit to you and commitment is something you want out of a relationship then maybe it’s time for you to move on.

Before you get too attached to a man that isn’t attached to you…

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