4 Things A Man Does When He's Unhappy With His Relationship

4 Things A Man Does When He’s Unhappy With His Relationship

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Men who are dissatisfied with their relationships are horrible at hiding it. Often they send little signals that something is wrong without even realizing it, growing colder and more detached as time goes on.

To help you discover the more or less hidden signs that your boyfriend might be unhappy we came up with a list of frequent behaviors and actions that signal he’s hit the emotional eject button on your relationship.

See how many of them you can identify, but remember not everything is always what it seems – reasonable explanations for behavioral changes do exist. So before you jump to conclusions, take your time and analyze everything carefully.

4 Things A Man Does When He's Unhappy With His Relationship

Sign #1: He barely talks to you when you eat together.

If while you sit at the table for breakfast or dinner, he suddenly becomes as silent as a mime, you have one of two scenarios on your hand:

  1. You have reached the stage in your relationship where you have told all the stories, understand what the other is thinking, and can nearly read each other’s minds. Or….
  2. He’s just sick of talking to you, and probably also sick of seeing you.

When a man feels the relationship is not meant to last he will slowly start to grow apart from you, and a lack of communication is one of the clear signs that the process has begun.

If you are the one doing all the talking and he only responds with one-word answers, “Yes” “No” “Maybe,” he is probably unhappy and ready to move on.

Sign #2: He stops listening to your side of the argument when you get into a fight.

Instead of listening to you and trying to actively sort out your problems, he tells you “Whatever” or “I don’t want to hear it.” Of course, no one likes to fight, and most people try their best to avoid conflict, but there are times when arguing becomes unavoidable and even mandatory.

It is highly recommended to have minor arguments from time to time to sort things out, (and why beat around the bush? The makeup $ex afterward is amazing lol). But if your boyfriend constantly plays the “I don’t want to hear it card” when you have a disagreement it might be more than him trying to avoid conflict.

He might be showing signs that he doesn’t care about the relationship anymore and your feelings are no longer on his list of priorities.

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Sign #3: He has tons of fun with his buddies… But none with you…

Have you gotten used to going to the same places every weekend, eating at the same restaurants, ordering the same food, and watching the same TV shows every week with your man?

Same ol’ same ol’ for you and him…

But when he’s out with his friends… It’s a blast! There is no telling what they are doing next and where they are going. It’s a never-ending adventure with them, and your man seems to enjoy every second of it.

Your boyfriend not trying new things with you doesn’t necessarily mean he is unhappy with your relationship, as you have already created intimate rituals you both love and feel comfortable with. But it could definitely be a sign that he is no longer satisfied with the things you are doing together, and he feels the need to try something new… And his buddies are the ones he chooses to do those new things with…

4 Things A Man Does When He's Unhappy In His Relationship

Sign #4: He talks about his female friends/co-workers a lot. 

If he keeps going on and on about the same coworker or female friend more often than he used to, something might be off. But pay attention to the context of which he speaks about this woman.

Knowing about a female friend’s marital problems or weekend activities should immediately signal warning signs. Why the sudden interest and focus on this woman? Why is he getting so involved in her life? Why does he care so much?

You might think him telling you all about it means nothing fishy is going on behind your back – he wouldn’t dare cheat on you with her and then come home, look you in the eye and share office stories about her… Would he? It might mean nothing, or it might mean that he has started to shift his attention to this other woman… While at the same time losing interest in you.


If you feel your man might be growing unhappy in your relationship, I suggest you sit down and talk to him. Lay it out on the table and tell him, to be honest about how he really feels. At the end of the day, you could be worried about nothing. However, a sudden change in behavior is rarely ever a good sign in a relationship. So you have every right in the world to wonder what’s really going on.

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