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Date Destination: Universal Studios Hollywood -Your Own Private VIP Universe

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Universal Studios, Hollywood, 10 a.m. You’re using your newly bought V.I.P pass at the main entrance. This is no ordinary theme park; it’s probably the best theme park in the world, and this is one of the best dates you’ll ever experience. Should you visit the Hollywood Globe Theatre first? You’d better save that for later, and go straight to the Flintstones Carnival Game. Catch the blood-pumping Jurassic Park Ride next. Or maybe you want to go behind the scenes of one of your favorite movies, then hurry over to the interactive exhibits.

How does Shrek 4-D sound? Too good to be true, right? This 4-D cyber adventure is so realistic you’ll have to pinch yourself to find out if your dreaming. Hasta la vista, baby, all the way to the Studio Tour where more extraterrestrial adventures are pending. Enjoy the all new 13 city blocks that created the largest movie set street expansion in Hollywood’s history… I know, it’s overwhelming, but there’s room for more!

Shrek 4-D

Hungry for some Hollywood food? Then go to one of the dining locations and recharge your batteries, the fun has just begun!

Check out the House of Horrors and come face to face with some of the scariest characters in Hollywood’s history.

Up for another 3-D experience? King Kong 3-D is literally the largest and the wildest 3-D experience ever, go for it!

The Universal City Walk is prone to give you a real rush of adrenaline, just like pretty much everything else here.

Use your special VIP pass to embark on a unique experience that will leave you in awe. Go behind the scenes and check out some of the sets of your favorite TV shows and movies! Like Wisteria Lane from the, “Desperate Housewives” – or go visit the the house from the classic movie “Psycho” and don’t forget to take pictures.

No more hassle and no more waiting in lines for those unique experiences. The VIP experience accompanies no more than 15 people at a time on this special tour, definitely the crème de la crème when it comes to theme park experiences.

How’s that for a perfect day? Universal Studios Hollywood.

*Address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA

*Price range: $300-$400 for Front Line Pass* hotel and airfare not included

*Price range: $600 for VIP Experience* hotel and airfare not included


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