Man Moves Mistress Into His Home, Asks Wife to be Their Housekeeper

Man Moves Mistress Into His Home, Asks Wife to be Their Housekeeper

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A man from Britain has been ordered to pay his wife over 10 million dollars after moving his mistress and her daughter into the home he shared with his wife. Adding insult to injury the unnamed man, in his late 70’s, asked his 50 year old wife to be the housekeeper for his new family. The wife said she found his offer to be “very demeaning”, so what did she do? She took him to court to get her cut of the millions of dollars they had accumulated together over 20 years of marriage.

The judge quickly agreed with the woman:

The husband installed the other woman, and her 12-year-old daughter, into the marital home,” said Judge Bodey. “The husband told [his wife] he was not intending her to vacate and asked would she remain as some sort of housekeeper. He could not come to terms with why she, through her lawyers, had become so aggressive.” Although the couple married in the late 1970s and divorced in the 1990s, the judge told the family division there was ‘no distinction’ between the pair’s marriage and their life post-divorce because they treated the divorce as ‘just a piece of paper’ and remained cohabiting. The couple did not have any children. All seemed well until the man started dating his mistress five years ago.

When he’d learned that his wife was planning to sue him, the man threatened to ‘commit sυicide or go on hunger strike’ in an attempt to deter her from gaining a portion of his amassed wealth.

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