WARNING: This Is Destroying Your Relationship Without You Even Knowing It

WARNING: This Is Destroying Your Relationship Without You Even Knowing It

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Reality is that couples are made of two people of different personalities that share some common interests, and each couple is unique when it comes to the problems they will confront.

Some might have issues of communication and trust; others might not feel the same level of physical attraction they used to. Others might be failing to spend enough time together because of hectic lifestyles.

All of these things can eventually lead to disagreements, arguments, and ultimately the end of the relationship.

Relationships are often hard work to maintain and involve some give and take from both partners to make things work. Many couples give it their all, they spend time together, go out on dates, try to talk through their differences. But all that effort is sabotaged by this one mistake…

Failing to live in the moment…

If you want your relationship to work I’m telling you right now you have to STOP IGNORING THE PRESENT. Have you ever noticed how annoying it is to see your man is playing on his phone while you are trying to tell him about your day at work, family issues, or when you’re trying to cuddle with him during a movie? Have you noticed yourself doing the same when he’s trying to spend time or have a conversation with you?

Not living in the present, ignoring the moment – this has destroyed more relationships than I can count. One of the greatest gifts you can give your partner is your fully undivided attention, love, affection, and presence.

With your attention constantly divided you won’t be able to actively listen, respond, communicate and compromise when you should. Give your relationship the attention it deserves. Don’t let a world of constant distractions by text messages, emails, Facebook updates, and smartphone apps, destroy your relationship.

Embrace each other. Enjoy each other. Live the moment.

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