How to Attract a New Type of Guy

How to Attract a New Type of Guy

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If you’ve been in a dating rut lately and need to get out there and meet some new guys, now is the time to up your game. Just a few simple changes can go a long way. Attracting a different type of man can be as simple as 1, 2, 3 if you follow these tips.

Be at your best.

This is quite obvious, but you should try to look your best. Spend some time getting ready before you go out. It is not just about getting attention from guys, it is about building your confidence. If you can look in the mirror before you go out and think “I really look good today,” your whole attitude is going to change. Do whatever you need to get yourself feeling your best. Take a long bath. Listen to music while you get dressed. Get new clothes. Do anything that makes you feel confident.

Once you are feeling confident, show it in your posture. Arch your back and keep your arms at your sides. Look straight ahead and keep long, graceful strides as you walk. Don’t just focus on your walk though, try to maintain a confident voice too. When we are nervous, we tend to speak in a higher tone. Keep your voice cool even if you are a nervous wreck. Slow down your speech and keep a slightly lower tone.

Engage someone engaging.

When you start chatting with a guy, talk to him about something that he loves. Pay attention to him and engage him in a conversation about something that he is passionate about. Likewise, talk to him about something that you truly care about. People tend to be much more attractive when they are talking about something they love. It will also give him a glimpse into your personality.

If he tells you about something important, remember it. Send him a good luck message if he tells you he has something major coming up and follow-up about it next time you see him. Show him that you are interested in his life.

Be independent and show your true self.

Tell him what you think. If he asks what you want to do, make some suggestions. Don’t force them on him, but open up the conversation. Don’t just give vague answers to everything. If you don’t like something, say so.

When you aren’t together, it is important to stay busy. Don’t always respond to his messages immediately. You don’t need to play games, but you shouldn’t get into the habit of dropping everything whenever he wants to talk or see you.

Make plans with your friends rather than just keeping your schedule open for him. You will lead a more fulfilling life while keeping him more interested.

When he asks you about your day, tell him about something interesting. Don’t just say that it was fine. Tell him a funny story. Even if it was a boring day, tell him about something interesting that you read about or some piece of news that you picked up.

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