How to Stop an Argument in Its Tracks: 7 Tactics That Will Change Your Relationship

How to Stop an Argument in Its Tracks: 7 Tactics That Will Change Your Relationship

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It’s no secret, one way to get your rocky relationship back on track is to end the arguments and petty disagreements you and your boyfriend are having.

Needless to say, that’s easier said than done.

If you have ever experienced an argument that has lasted all day and lingered into the next day you know how stressful it can be and what type of toll it takes on your relationship.

Sadly, once petty arguments take root in a relationship, it’s easy for things to spin out of control.

At a certain point, people just keep fighting because they aren’t sure how to put an end to it.

There is nothing left to say that is productive in any way.

The argument begins to span many topics and in reality winning and getting the last word has become the goal for both individuals.

This often irreversibly damages the relationship.

Today I’m going to teach you how to stop an argument before it gets out of control.

Next time you find you and your partner locked in a disagreement with no end in sight, try a few of these simple tips.

Tactic #1: No matter how difficult it might be at the moment… Do something nice. 


No matter how small it is, do something friendly. Bring your “opponent” a glass of water. Offer to make coffee.
It doesn’t matter what it is but just do something to remind both of you that you aren’t enemies.

Sometimes that is all that it takes to cool things down.

Tactic #2: Measure the fight. 

How to Stop an Argument in Its Tracks: 7 Tactics That Will Change Your Relationship

Ask yourself if the argument is really worth all the energy you’re both spending on it.

Is this an issue that you will even remember next week?

Will you care about it next month?

Will winning this argument have lasting positive impact on your relationship?

If you answered no to these questions, then it’s not a big deal, and clearly, it’s time to move past it.

Tactic #3: Agree to disagree. 

If you can live with it, just live with it.

The fact of the matter is that in relationships some issues will remain unsettled forever.

You are two different people, with different backgrounds, upbringings, likes, dislikes, and opinions, so it’s natural to disagree on some things.

If it’s a petty issue and you continue to fight over it, that’s a symptom that you’re trying to change each other.

If it’s a major issue and you have drastically different opinions then maybe you aren’t compatible.

If it’s not that big of a deal, just forget about it. Don’t waste your energy arguing over petty things. Sometimes you have to just pick your battles and agree to disagree.

Tactic #4: Take a break. 

If you aren’t really ready to apologize or forget about it, just agree to take a break.

Spend an hour apart without speaking about or thinking about the issue.

That might be all that you need to get a fresh perspective on the matter.

If you still want to hash it out, wait at least 15 minutes more then go for it.

Tactic #5: Say that you’re sorry and move on. 

How to Stop an Argument in Its Tracks: 7 Tactics That Will Change Your Relationship

Sometimes it’s better just to apologize and move on.

Try to stop thinking of your arguments as a competition. Winning or losing should not be the goal, building a better relationship and understanding of each other should always be the goal.

If you were having a bad day and the argument got out of hand just apologize for overreacting.

You can still be upset, just fess up to the bad mood and talk about the real issue later.

Your partner will respect you for owning your mistakes.

Tactic #6: Make trade-offs. 

Compromise sounds like a dirty word to some people, but it shouldn’t!

If you want something, start negotiating.

Keep it simple and forget about who owes what. If you want your partner to come to a function that he really doesn’t want to attend, offer to serve him breakfast in bed the next morning.

Keep your deals simple and straightforward.

But always keep your word, or it could lead to trust issues or another argument down the line.

Tactic #7: Stay calm and keep it clean. 

How to Stop an Argument in Its Tracks: 7 Tactics That Will Change Your Relationship

Arguments can quickly take a downward spiral if you lose your temper, get off-topic and start making inflammatory comments and accusations.

Couples should agree to a list of argument rules and stick to them.

And three things that should surely be on that list is no yelling, no name calling, and no making off-topic accusations about something your partner “always” or “never” does.

If one of you stops playing by the rules, call a timeout.

Agree that you must stick to the rules and that a time a timeout must always be respected.


Every couple should know how to stop an argument and keep it from escalating effectively.

Unfortunately, many don’t and it leads to unnecessary breakups and divorces.

Don’t let your relationship become a victim.

Follow these tips to end the petty arguments that are plaguing your relationship now!

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