Read His Mind: 3 Things Men Think About Women But Never Tell Them

Read His Mind: 3 Things Men Think About Women But Never Tell Them

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Countless magazines, romantic comedies, and numerous cultural assumptions have attempted to show women what men are really thinking. More often than not, they over complicate simple phrases or body language to mean more than it really does. From understanding his furrowed brow to the stance of his feet, women are hopelessly lost in translation.

Men are often seen as complex creatures. While it is true that men are often troublesome when it comes to clear communication, there is often a less complicated explanation or thought brewing inside the male mind. Just as women suffer a cruel need to adapt to social and cultural norms, so do men. Some men may be timid to share their true thoughts for fear of compromising their masculinity or straying from the typical male image. Their desire to be accepted is strong, and so they keep those thoughts to themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the top things men think but never say out loud to women.

#1: Be confident! Looks matter, but not that much. 

Men would take an average confident woman over an insecure supermodel any day. It’s true! Contrary to their perceived shallow image, most men are very in tune with the attitude a woman gives off. Nothing kills beauty quite like open insecurities. We all have them, but displaying them so openly will only help you dig your own single life grave deeper and deeper. It sounds odd but confidence is quite sexy. Being coy is one thing, but overly shy antics only distracts men from getting to truly know. Men often perceive women the way they perceive themselves. If you don’t love who you are, how can anyone else? Men shouldn’t have to validate your existence. A woman should individually shine bright with promise all on her own, a partner just makes her that much better. Believe in yourself and stand tall. You’re stunning, and it’s time that all the men around you know that.

Side Note: Show off your confidence by making the first move. Men love that! It takes the pressure off of him and leaves no confusion about your interest. There’s nothing like a women admitting she knows what she wants.

#2: Complaining will get you nowhere. 

Hearing “I need to talk to you” never sounds good to a man’s ears. Men register the phrase as “I’m pissed” instead of hearing your plea for attention or support after a troublesome day. You may just want to vent, but with that introduction, he’s just not interested in hearing it. Men tune out complaining. And if it’s something you do constantly, you can bet he’s already come up with a go to strategy to focus his attention elsewhere. Don’t nag, suggest. Offer alternative options to issues you two are facing or consider asking him to “try something new.” No one wants to hear what they’re doing wrong in a relationship, including men. You run the risk of bruising his ego if you come on too strong with a list of complaints. Take things slow and time discussions right.

#3: However, Compliments will get you wherever you want to go. 

Men are the last to admit they need praise, but what men truly love is a good compliment. There’s nothing better than hearing that someone sees you in a positive light. Let him know that his time at the gym has been paying off, or that the dinner he prepared was delicious. He’ll love that you think so highly of him. Men enjoy pleasing their partners and feel great when they know they’re doing a good job. Positive feedback can go a long way. Tell him you’re proud of him and his heart will soar. Let him know you’re noticing him and he’ll definitely toss a few compliments your way as well. Your relationship will blossom with all the positivity.

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