What He Is Really Looking For...

What He Is Really Looking For…

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Attracting a guy is not really that difficult. The hard part comes when you try to make him stick around. If you are on the search for a long-term relationship, it is important to make sure that you actually have good long-term girlfriend potential. While every guy has his own tastes, there are a few traits that are almost universally attractive to men. If you want to impress a new guy, show off a few of these assets to get him hooked.

What he is really looking forGuys Love: Confidence.

You have heard this a million times, but that is only because it’s true. Confidence is attractive across the board. Anyone attracted to insecurity is better to be avoided. Everyone has their insecure moments, but the difference is in how you deal with them. Rather than announcing them and seeking approval, try dealing with them on your own. If you are feeling down on yourself, figure out why you feel that way and be proactive. If you are wondering if you look fat in your jeans, take a walk rather than asking your guy if you look fat. Even if you don’t lose a single pound, exercise will make you feel far more confident than anyone’s reassurance.

Guys Love: A sense of satisfaction.

Some people are just never happy. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to please them, it will never be enough. If you are one of these people, there will come a time when everyone is sick and tired of bending over backwards to please you. People like to feel like they are successful after they put in an effort. If he keeps trying to make you happy, but it is never good enough for you, he will give up. That doesn’t mean that you should faint over every little thing, but you should be grateful from time to time for all of the amazing things that you have.

Guys Love: Spontaneity.

What he is really looking forAfter you have been dating a while, the novelty will start to wear off. No matter how perfect you are for each other, things can start to get stale. It is important to do new things as often as possible. This doesn’t mean you should plan a strict schedule of extracurricular activities. In fact the opposite is even better. Make an effort to be a little unpredictable. Be open to spur of the moment plans. Not everything needs to be perfectly orchestrated to be romantic.

Guys Love: Lazy Afternoons.

Sometimes the best thing that you can do is to just stop trying so hard. Relax a bit and go with the flow. Let him get comfortable and allow yourself to actually start feeling at ease around him. Don’t freak out about the state of your relationship or the undone dishes in the sink. There is only so long any guy will want to stick around if he is just plain uncomfortable. Obviously this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring up the important issues but you should drop the hyper-focus on things that simply don’t matter.

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