10 Outrageously Jaw Dropping Reasons People Have Filed for Divorce

10 Outrageously Jaw Dropping Reasons People Have Filed for Divorce

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Today, divorce seems more common than marriage itself. Rates sky rocket across the nation as couples quickly go from their I do‘s to an astounding I don’t. From drunken nights in Vegas to helping a beautiful immigrant stay in the country, we’ve seen it all. But these reason take the cake.

1. Too Much Cleaning. 

In 2009, a woman asked for a divorce because she couldn’t stand how often her husband cleaned. Sounds strange right? I know several women that would give their left titty to have a husband that washed the dishes every now and then lol. But this lady wasn’t having it. It seemed okay at first, having him tidy up and rearrange the furniture to his liking. But he took it too far one day when he knocked down a wall in their home and had it rebuilt because it was too dirty.

2. He Saw Her Face. 

A Saudi Arabian woman kept to her traditions, strictly keeping her face hidden under a veil. After 30 years of marriage, her husband was more than curious to know what his wife’s face looked like. He snuck a peak one night and lifted the veil in her sleep. She awoke angry and immediately demanded a divorce.

3. Let Them Eat Cake. 

A little sweet treat after dinner sounds nice, but a Chinese man filed for divorce after he got tired of dessert. Cake after dinner seemed wonderful at first, but after eating it repeatedly every single night, he begged his wife to stop. The word “cake” alone made him sick to his stomach. But his wife continued to make it for him, and went as far as force feeding him!

4. Honeymoon with Mom. 

An Italian couple had just gotten married and were headed to the airport for their honeymoon. Surprised to see her new mother in law waiting at the gate, the honeymoon gained an annoying guest. After spending 3 weeks with the third wheel on what should have been the most romantic trip of her life, the woman returned home and requested a divorce because of her husband’s strange attachment to his mother.

5. You Win Some You Lose Some. 

A Russian man placed his wife as a bet during a heated game of cards, once he ran out of money. He lost, allowing another player to win his wife. Once she heard what her gambling husband had done, she promptly divorced him and started a relationship with the man who “won” her.

6. Broken Promises. 

Another Russian man made his wife angry enough for divorce. Fitted with a special prosthetic, he told doctors that he did not measure up to his wife’s bedroom expectations. During a wild $ex session, the romp went horribly wrong. His extension broke! Horrified she filed for divorce after having enough of his failure in the bedroom.

7. Under Protected. 

A Romanian woman filed for divorce after her husband refused to wear underwear. Unaware of her husband’s strange habits before their marriage, she wrongly assumed his commando phase would pass. She wasn’t too bothered by it at first, but soon other women were beginning to notice his habit and she could no longer take it. Underwear made him uncomfortable and his lack of it made her uncomfortable in their marriage.

8. Til’ Death Do Us Part. 

After 26 years of marriage, a woman filed for divorce in 2007. Her husband tried to dispute her attempt, stating that he had technically died when his heart stopped briefly in 2004 during a hospital emergency, so they were technically no longer married anyway. The judge dismissed his case when he showed up for court looking alive and well.

9. 50 Shades of Divorce. 

The 2012 erotic novel “50 Shades of Grey” took couples and their $ex lives to a whole new level. But not all couples benefited from it. In England, a man filed for divorce after becoming insanely annoyed at his wife’s new appetite for wild $ex. He blamed the book for their failed marriage.

10. Fan Fest. 

A man cited a popular Canadian Musician as the reason for the demise of his marriage. His wife was an intense fan of Bryan Adams. Complete with a cardboard cutout of the music star in the couple’s shared bedroom, she spent thousands of dollars to see him in concert and listened to his music all the time. Her husband could not take it anymore and divorced her.

Lmao it’s a strange world we live in…

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