6 Struggles ALL Couples Eventually Go Through... (Relationship struggles)

6 Struggles ALL Couples Eventually Go Through…

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Every relationship goes through stages, and let’s face it, not all of these stages are enjoyable.

Whether you’re young and in love or married for a significant amount of time now, either you will, or have already faced a wide array of issues that couples all around the world face every day.

Does it mean you’re not compatible? Not necessarily, some of the struggles couples go through are completely unavoidable.

If you haven’t already fought through these issues… Be prepared… Because at some point or another EVERY COUPLE faces these 6 relationship struggles…

Struggle #1. Poor communication.

6 Struggles ALL Couples Eventually Go Through... (Relationship struggles)

Communication is often cited as the key to successful relationships. Whether it’s sharing your personal problems or showing your appreciation for one another, communication is essential in every relationship.

Still, it seems every couple hits a rough patch where it is lacking.

Maybe you’ve got a lot going on right now, or you’re just not used to sharing the details of your entire life with someone else.

Whatever it is, it’s leading to meaningful discussions or things that need to be talked about not being shared. Not listening and making passive aggressive comments is also a sign that there is poor communication in your relationship, which is typically the root of most relationship problems.

Struggle #2. Not spending enough time together.

This is a big one. Relationships cannot survive without an adequate amount of time being spent together. If you and your man regularly go through extended periods of time without seeing each other, your relationship can struggle significantly. Long distance relationships are notorious for this.

When you spend so much time apart, a lot can change between you and your partner. You’ll end up missing a lot, from day to day couple activities, to bigger life events. Heavy work schedules are also a big factor in this. When you have no time to squeeze in romance, things fall apart. Intimacy is lost, and once strong bonds become loose connections.

Side Note: Things have gotten better for long distance couples in this digital age. With the advent of social networks, video chats, and tools like THIS! Intimacy erosion is now a much longer process.

Struggle #3. A sex drought.

6 Struggles ALL Couples Eventually Go Through... (Relationship struggles)

You two were hot and heavy when you first met, but as time has gone by, things have settled down. Work, kids, and responsibilities get in the way of your personal fun time. Although sex isn’t the only important thing in a relationship, it is a big part of what keeps couples close. When it’s not in the picture, things can get complicated.

Struggle #4. Stressing over big decisions.

Being in a relationship means sharing your life with someone else. All of your actions, no matter how insignificant they may seem now, will affect you, but also your partner. Big decisions only add another layer of thought to the process.

Not only is it about how you want to handle the situation, but you now have to consider how someone else feels about the situation also.

Should you get married? Are you ready to start a family? Does the house really need to be remodeled? These choices alone are daunting to one person, but when you’re in a relationship, your choices are less about what’s best for you, and more about what’s best for “us.”

Struggle #5. Financial drama.

From facing bills, loans, groceries, and entertainment expenses, every couple argues about money at some point in time. Although money isn’t the key to happiness, it does play a huge role in our lives. Buying a house, changing your job, starting a family are just a few things that will take a toll on you financially.

Living with someone else is hard enough, but sharing money and responsibility is a one-way ticket to some tough choices and a few fights. Out of all the relationship struggles, this one ranks at the top when it comes to causes breakups and divorces.

Here are a few eye-opening facts about how money influences our relationships, often without us even realizing it.

Struggle #6. Huge fights over petty stuff.

Every couple in history has probably fought over something silly. You had a bad day and needed to take it out on someone, and that someone is usually your significant other. It’s never their fault, but you’re not about to admit it’s yours either.

So what’s a person to do?…

Keep arguing of course! ????????????

You know it makes no sense, but you can’t help it. Maybe he bought the wrong milk or left the toilet seat up. Whatever it is, you’ll both be yelling at the top of your lungs in no time.


There’s a reason why wedding vows say for better or for worse. Relationships are complicated connections between two people. Creating a life together can be rough, but it’s the journey of love that makes it worth the while. So get ready for a few fights and some serious arguments. No one ever said love was easy, but the fight for it doesn’t have to be exceedingly difficult, check out our Couples Challenges section for actionable tips on how to improve your relationship!

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