Puppy Love Is Over: How To Keep The Spark After 6 Months As A Couple

Puppy Love Is Over: How To Keep The Spark After 6 Months As A Couple

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Ever wondered why couples lose interest after the first few months of a relationship? Are you experiencing this right now in your own relationship? No need to worry, we have compiled some of the most exclusive expert tips we could find. So hold onto the one you love, a relationship is a work in progress, but these tips should make that work a lot easier! Let’s get started…

Put Your Partners Needs First:

Always put the needs of your companion before your own, that is the key to success; experts say. Making sure that your partner is happy with you is very important in a relationship. If you don’t consider the other person’s wants and needs, your relationship will crumble eventually.

Sexual Life Expectancy:

It is very important for a relationship to never lose physical contact. Relationships are based on physical and mental communication, and gaps in either will cause problems over the long term. It is very important for a couple to keep that alive. So communicate on both mental and physical levels, and you’re bound to have a long lasting relationship.


Sacrificing is a key to a long lasting relationship. To keep a relationship going, certain aspects of our lives have to be given up (provided that we are happy giving them up). It should be mutual, and it should make both you and your man happy.

Be Open and Honest:

Being open about whatever you feel and think, and being honest about what you do and what you don’t is very important. Even more important than physical contact. Honesty maintains the trust in a relationship, and without it, the relationship won’t work.

Know Each other:

Knowing each other is a key to any successful relationship. Ask anyone who is in or has had a very long lasting relationship, they will tell you that it is extremely important to know your partner. Know his likes, dislikes, and everything he desires and wants to achieve. Talking about these things also helps maintain closeness.

Puppy Love Is Over: How To Keep The Spark After 6 Months As A CoupleBe Spontaneous

Spontaneity is needed in relationships when they grow past the 6 month period. It gets boring after a while, and it is very necessary to keep the spark alive in the form of gifts and surprises. Plan a trip for your other half, give a gift, deliver a surprise to his/her office, plan a dinner for two, just do something unexpected. Don’t under estimate being spontaneous, spontaneity ALWAYS keeps the spark alive and makes it feel brand new.

Keep Romance Alive:

Ladies and gentlemen, keep the romance alive! There is no other way to stay in love for all the months and years to come except for keeping the romance alive, just like it was the first day! Make sure you do things for each other to make each other feel special, all the time.

Work in Progress:

A relationship is always a work in progress. It is never a full-stop. You need to keep on building it, and nurturing it, as you do plants. You need to water it, give it some sunlight, and make sure that it doesn’t get too much light or water (pay attention to what you feed your relationship). It will reap what you sow, always remember that.

Never take for Granted:

Never take the other person for granted. It is a rule in relationships that everyone tends to forget, every now and then. No one should ever be taken for granted if they love you and are there for you whenever you need them. Even your parents and siblings. This rule applies to everyone. Taking someone for granted is one of the worst things that could ever happen in relationships. It messes everything up. Please, never take the other person for granted, or watch him/her walk away.


Lu$t is important in every relationship. Make him feel as much wanted as you did the first time you made love. It is important to keep that spark alive.

Arguing is Healthy:

Arguing is healthy for every relationship. However, avoiding arguing over really petty issues is essential. If you argue about every single thing, there’s something wrong with your relationship. Make sure that you have valid points to argue, and something worth arguing for.

Avoid Personal Insults:

Avoiding personal insults saves a lot of relationships. If you verbally start abusing each other, the relationship isn’t going to last long. Even if relationships last despite verbal abuse, there are a lot of scars left behind that never actually heal. So make sure you think twice before using your words as weapons.

Don’t lack Effort:

There shouldn’t be a lack of effort from either side. Even though the relationship is no longer new, you should both strive to treat each other the way you did when you first met.

Don’t stop socializing:

Go out and enjoy life with other people. Studies show that couples that go to social gatherings and hang out with friends together are happier and more satisfied with their relationship.


Be grateful and realize you are blessed to have each other. Don’t forget to tell each other, and don’t just assume that it’s obvious because you are with each other. Expression and words are as important as what you feel. Try this exercise to increase your appreciation for one another.

F0replay and Fantasies:

F0replay is very important to be keep relationships alive. Effort in all aspects of the relationship should be made. Live out your fantasies with your partner, share that level of comfort and you’re bound to fall in love more and more everyday.


Listen to each other; it solves a lot of problems. Many of the communication gaps that occur in relationships is because of a lack of listening.

Choose to be with each other:

Guys choose her over your friends sometimes. Ladies choose him over your friends. If you have to go to a boy’s night out and your girl is feeling emotional and needs you, skip the night out. She will remember that you chose her. The rule works both ways.

Cook Food:

Cook food with each other, share memories in the kitchen. Cook for each other, and give dinner surprises to each other. It is cute and definitely makes your better half feel special.

Puppy Love Is Over: How To Keep The Spark After 6 Months As A CouplePhysical Contact:

Keep the ‘touch’ alive. If you’re out walking, hold hands. If you’re reading together, snuggle up to each other or lie in her/his lap. If you’re watching a movie together, sit close together so you hear each other breathe. It is important to keep physical contact.

Ask questions:

Ask questions of any sort: what he/she likes, dislikes, wants, needs, desires, childhood fantasies, adult fantasies, ambitions, everything. It guarantees closeness; a person only opens up to another person he/she trusts.

Don’t compare $ex lives:

Don’t compare your $ex life to anyone elses. People often lie to show others they’re happier than them. It’s the way this world operates.

Give Gifts:

Buy gifts for each other and surprise each other occasionally. Be spontaneous, it always helps build relationships. Don’t be boring and predictable. That never helped anyone.

Go down memory lane occasionally:

Occasionally take out pictures, messages and letters written to each other and talk about times spent together. Remember the days when you started out and knew nothing about other. It’s always nice to reminisce on old memories, and this is one of the best ways to do it.

Live out your dreams:

Don’t let the relationship devour your personal goals. This will only cause friction in the long run.

Don’t let your looks go:

Keep yourself looking good; Just because a relationship has made it past the 6 month mark doesn’t mean it’s time to stop looking good and taking care of yourself. We sometimes tend to get lazy after a relationship becomes long-term. Don’t make this mistake.

Sneaky $ex:

Sneaky $ex is always exciting and thrilling, like biting into the ‘forbidden fruit’…. Just don’t get caught….

Take up a hobby together:

Taking a class together or starting a hobby means that you get to spend time together doing something that you both will enjoy. Take a dance class, or an acting class together, it gives you a break from the stresses of daily life and gives you time to enjoy each other outside the regular setting.

Always remember: The key to a successful relationship is to KEEP TRYING! Work on it and NEVER take the other person for granted! Keep all of the above in mind and your love will pass the tests of time!

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