Why Do Men Cheat? (Here's 3 Things Scientific Studies Say)

Why Do Men Cheat? (Here’s 3 Things Scientific Studies Say)

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It has always been a common theme in our s*x driven society: Men cheat. Whether happily married or just starting a new relationship, his desire to be with multiple women never seems to decrease. And why is that? As we all know science plays an important role in our decision making. Our bodies are built with various genes and biological factors that affect our every day lives. Each piece of our bodies works together to contribute to our goals and to create a more successful present and future. So where does cheating fit into all of this? Do men cheat because nature made them that way? Let’s see what the scientific studies have to say:

1. Hormones. 

3 Hormones modulate monogamy: Oxytocin, Arginine vasopressin, and Testosterone. Oxytocin has been shown to help sustain the pair bonds in mates through its release during positive social interactions (i.e. touching, s*x, etc.) Arginine vasopressin increases the likelihood of mate and offspring guarding in male socially monogamous mammals, which is an important aspect of pair bonding. Testosterone is associated with the libido. Male characteristics like musculature and drive are also connected to the hormone, qualities that females find attractive when in pursuit of a mate with quality male genes.

Testosterone is the true wild card. It has the ability to conflict with oxytocin’s bonding effects. It motivates the body to search for more s*xual partners, encouraging the brain to think single mindedly and take more risks to get what it wants. Considering men have 5 to 10 times more testosterone than their female counterparts, it’s safe to say the urge to cheat is more prevalent. And depending on the situation, their levels can increase. The hormone has been shown to respond to social environments. Win an intense sports match, or earn a huge bonus at work and testosterone levels soar. Imagine the consequences.

Source: Psychology Today

2. Evolution. 

Think of traditional Darwinism: Only the strong survive. Since the creation of species, it has always been in their best interest to thrive. Procreation is the easiest way to ensure that the legacy of your race lives on. Evolutionary psychology simply suggests that the human mind is designed with the sole purpose of transmitting their genes to the next generation. Everything we do is to ensure there is a better future for our next generations. By passing on our changing genes, we can thrive exponentially. Feelings of lust and the presence of visible s*x organs keep the main goal in perspective. Men have an evolutionary urge to reproduce, plant and sow the seeds of life. Cheating provides a great way to do that. Consider if every human being was monogamous. It would cut a significant amount of the world’s population. Men are born with the need to procreate. Although they may not have that in mind, their bodies are hardwired to think otherwise.


3. Stronger s*xual Impulses. 

A university study found that stronger s*xual impulses lead men cheat. Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University wanted to explore past previous studies that have suggested men are more likely to pursue off limit romantic partners. They recruited several men and women to perform in a partner selection game of sorts. Using computer based images of desirable and undesirable members of the opposite s*x. Pictures contained tags that displayed if the individual was either good or bad for you. Participants were asked to accept or regret while others were asked to go against their natural inclinations and reject desirable partners and vice versa. Results showed that men experienced an impulse to accept the desirable partners rather than do what they were told. This impulse was significantly stronger in comparison to women.

Source: Medical News Today

Although men have the ability to control themselves, when it comes to s*xual impulses, they may lack the urge to do what they’re supposed to do. They often give into their desire for intimacy and satisfaction without thinking because their bodies are programmed in that manner. Men will not always cheat, but scientific research shows that the odds are that they likely will. So should us women be forgiving for their cheating ways? NO. Learning self control is a part of life, and so is respect, and if he loves and respects you he should fight such impulsive tendencies. In the words of Trey Songz “S*x ain’t better than love.” However, these studies might prove that the old saying is true, “A man is only as faithful as his options.”

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