20 Mistakes Every Woman Makes in Her 20's

20 Mistakes Almost Every Woman Makes in Her 20’s

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Straight out of college and into the big bad real world. You’re in your 20’s and ready for anything. Or are you? Despite countless movies and TV shows that make it seem like smooth sailing, many 20 something’s spend their first few years navigating the adult world on a bumpy ride. With purses full of mistakes and opportunity on their minds, they move forward ready to take on another day. We’ve compiled a list of 20 mistakes almost every woman makes in her 20’s along with a few tips on avoiding them. See how many you’ve made, (or could be making as you right now!)

Social Media Overuse.

We can’t help but check Facebook every hour of the day. There are gossipy statuses to comment on and countless selfies to like. There’s not enough time in one day to absorb it all, but remember there’s a real world out there that’s calling your name. Don’t miss the chance to do something spectacular. Put your cell phone down and go do something worth tweeting about later!

Reckless Roommates.

Making poor choices is definitely a part of being in your 20’s and roommates are no exception. From the best friend that drinks too much, to the buddy with a revolving door of men, we’ve lived with them all. Make sure you do your research when looking for someone to share your living space with. Avoid party girls and people you work with.

Not Sleeping.

Many in their 20’s live full lives after midnight. How can you sleep when the best party of your life is going on? Some live like their forever 21 and always having fun while others get overwhelmed with responsibility and spend their nights lying awake in constant panic mode. Do your body a favor and sleep a little. Trust us, it’s worth it.

Drunk Dialing & Texting.

We’ve all been there, but now it’s time to never go back there. Hitting the blurry send button during your girl’s night out or hitting up your ex with a few flirty typos won’t do you any good. Keep your phone in your purse and add a text password that’s a little tricky to remember come drink number 4. You’ll have less of a headache the morning after and fewer embarrassing stories to tell.

Splurging on Sales.

That $40 dress from Forever 21 seemed so worth it until you wore it once and only rediscovered it when you were searching for your lost keys in the middle of the night. Instead of just buying anything on sale, focus on buying quality pieces that can work well anytime. Splurge on brilliant basics, from a stunning little black dress you can dress up or down to a pair of nude heels you can rock on a date and in the office.

Wasting Energy on Enemies.

You’re not in high school anymore. Although Love and Hip Hop would have you think differently, life is more than just clichés and cat fights. Don’t waste time picking enemies and hating people. Keep the vibes positive and forget the haters. Pick and choose your battles. You only live your 20’s once.


Speaking of You Only Live Once, the YOLO mentality is abundant in your 20’s. You’re feeling free. You’re feeling fine. But that’s only going to last so long. Taking an extra shot and shouting YOLO may be fine tonight, but try saying YOLO to your boss when you show up late for work with a hangover. Live while you’re young but be smart about it. Make the best choices you can possibly make.

Listening to Other People.

Hearing people out is always great, but your 20’s is a time of exploration. Some people aren’t going to agree with the path you’re heading down. Heed their warnings, but ultimately decide yourself what’s the best path to take. Follow your gut. It’s always your choice to make!

Always Being Right.

This often bites us back… hard. Winning fights is a girl’s specialty, but sometimes you have to know when to back down. We hate to admit it, but we’re wrong sometimes. Consider this, in a professional setting owning up to faults and coming up with positive solutions for them is a killer skill!

Not Taking Care of Your Body.

From yoyo dieting to fast food binges, we spend our 20’s wrecking the gifts we came into this world with. Your body is the vehicle you travel through life in. Imagine taking a road trip with something run down and tired looking? Yeah, we wouldn’t want to take that journey either. Remember, take care of yourself!

Accepting Being Treated like Trash at Work.

Feeling like an overworked intern at work? That’s not okay! Live up to your position. You shouldn’t spend your days grabbing other people’s coffee. Take some notes from top female leaders around the world. Lean into your position and rise above the terrible treatment you’ve been getting. Show and demand respect.

Not Understanding Your Body.

If you’re still shopping for the inner Victoria Secret Angel inside of you, we have a problem. Live in the body you have now. It’s okay to want to improve yourself but take a look at yourself first with proud, loving eyes. Own your body and don’t be afraid to be yourself. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Consider what styles work best with your fit and strut your stuff with confidence!

Ruining Friendships.

We often forget how to be a good friend. Our 20’s is about getting to know yourself and how you fit into the world around you. 20 something’s are often wrapped up in new experiences and jerky boyfriends to pay attention to their old besties. Never forget your original friends, and choose your new ones wisely. It’s during this time that we often discover who’s really got our backs, and who wouldn’t mind seeing us fall.

Not Speaking Up For Yourself.

Because we’re so new to the real world, many women grow timid when they should be doing the opposite. Don’t be afraid to speak up, especially when it concerns you. You have wants and needs that deserve to be met, regardless of your young age. Don’t let others walk all over you. Be strong.

Being Loose with Money.

From a little too much shopping to eating out every night, 20 something’s are not exactly what we call thrifty. Try to keep yourself in check when it comes to money. Limit your shopping sprees and only eat out with your girls every so often. Treat yourself when you’ve earned it and save up whenever you can!

Staying in a Relationship.

Because of all these new experiences, we often stick with what we know. Sometimes that can mean being stuck in a relationship when we should be exploring other fish in the sea. Keep yourself available, you never know who you’ll meet.

Chasing After the Wrong Guy.

Not all guys are worth it. You’re going to meet some jerks, if you haven’t already. Play hard to get and have fun, but only go after the ones who are worth it. Be careful with your heart, it’s not as tough as it seems.

Working for Money & Not a Career.

Remember that job that treats you like crap? Why are you there? Consider what benefits you are getting. Can you move up the ladder to your dream job? Always keep your long term goals in mind and reach for the stars whenever you can.

Rushing through Life.

Slow down! Life isn’t a race. Pace yourself and enjoy the ride. Your 20s will soon be a blur of hopeless mistakes and fun times. Live it up while you can. It won’t last as long as you imagine.

Not Focusing on Yourself.

But most of all, don’t forget about YOU! This is your life and your 20s. We often get so absorbed in the rush that we forget who we are and what we want. Never forget how amazing you are and don’t put your dreams aside for anything.  Watch out for these potential mistakes, but watch out for yourself first. Have fun, but not at the expense of losing yourself. Take care of yourself first, and the rest of your life will fall into place.

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