6 Lies Men Tell Their Girlfriends... (Don't Tell Them We Told You)

6 Lies Men Tell Their Girlfriends… (Don’t Tell Them We Told You)

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No matter how incredibly faithful and honest your man is, he’s probably lied to you. Most of the lies are small and harmless. From making up excuses when he’s late, to avoiding troubling conversations. Here, we explore the top 6 most common lies men tell their wives and girlfriends. But keep this between us, we don’t want them to know that we’re in on their secret.

1. “Nothing’s wrong. I’m fine”

Us women often use this phrase ourselves, but men use it as well. However, men and women use it in different ways. While women use nothing’s wrong” as a way to get him to shut up before you cuss him out. Men use this line to avoid conversations that involve exploring their emotions.

It’s no shocker. Men are not emotional creatures. Instead of talking it out and hashing out their feelings, they prefer to avoid the discussion altogether. It’s often easier for them to simply pretend that everything is fine, even if there’s something secretly nagging them. Don’t take this as a sign that he’s hiding something or unwilling to communicate with you. Men simply handle emotional situations differently than women.

2. “Of course I want to visit your parents this weekend!

Building a bond between family and hubby is important in most relationships. Him fitting in with the in-laws is super important, but that doesn’t mean your guy is eager to do so. Meeting parents is hard enough, but seeing them again and making small talk is often awkward and nerve wrecking. He might even enjoy spending time with them, but that doesn’t mean he wants to see them more often. No matter how tasty your mom’s peach cobbler is, or how large the TV in the den is. He’d rather be at his own house watching the football game on his own couch.

3. “I’m on My Way.”

This one is a favorite of guys. They tend to throw this line in the mix when you’re making them meet you somewhere they have no interest in being. Waiting for him at the lady’s shoe store, or a baby shower for one of your girlfriends? Don’t be surprised if he takes his time getting there. He’s stalling. He doesn’t want to go, but instead of voicing his displeasure he shows up. He doesn’t want to let you down and knows how important it is to you.

Side Note:  Not all lies are innocent like the ones described in this article. If you think he is telling serious lies, like where he’s been. Possibly, because he’s cheating on you, be sure to CLICK THIS LINK. It details a simple trick you can use to catch almost any man in a lie!

4. “Yea honeyYou look good in that outfit…

Every guy has that one friend that answered this question wrong and didn’t have sex for weeks lolMost men would rather lie and win then tell the truth and lose in this situation. If you want an honest opinion about your outfit ask your girls instead.

5. “No I don’t look at other women...

All men do it. They visit adult websites from time to time. They check out waitresses at restaurants, they gawk at the cheerleaders at football games. Whether they admit it or not, there’s always going to be something alluring about other women. They don’t have to be blind to be faithful. If he tells you he’s never found anyone else attractive, he’s lying. Same goes for the “Strippers don’t do anything for me” lie also. They take off their clothes and clap their butt cheeks, of course he likes it. He’s a man. Lol.

6. “ is lying. I would never lie to you baby…

Lol, every man that reads this article or has it shared with him on Facebook is going to say, “Naw not me, I don’t tell no lies!and he’s going to say it with a straight face knowing he lying lol.


I’m telling you right now ladies 99% of men tell a lie every now and then. Most often it is to protect themselves and to protect the relationship they have with their wives and girlfriends. Eager to keep the peace, they avoid the truth and tell little white lies. Cut him some slack when you can. He means well lol.

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