Are You the Other Woman? 5 Signs He’s Not Really Single

Are You the Other Woman? 5 Signs He’s Not Really Single

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Dating nowadays can be a struggle. We’ve seen our friends get hurt by cheaters, and may have fallen victim to the heartbreak of betrayal yourself. Today’s modern world makes it much easier to sneak around without getting caught. Here are a few telltale signs that show that your new guy might not be as trustworthy as he says he is.

1. Out of the way dates. 

Does he avoid crowded and popular places? If he’s more into obscure bars and hole in the wall restaurants, you may be the other woman. He may be afraid to be seen with you and is going to whatever lengths he can to keep you hidden from anyone he knows. When he schedules these dates can also give you a glimpse into his true intentions. If he keeps meeting you during off hours and random times, he may be just conveniently fitting you into his hectic schedule of dating other women.

2. Never meeting his family or friends. 

Think about a solid reason or two that would push you to keep your boyfriend and your loved ones apart. The truth is, unless that person is someone you aren’t serious about, there’s really no reason you wouldn’t introduce them to the people you care about most. If he doesn’t even want his friends to meet you, you’ve got a problem. He’s either:

  1. Not that into you.
  2. Married.
  3. Dating someone else.

Introducing you to his friends and family would cause an awkward tension. Especially if he’s married or has a girlfriend that they themselves have a great relationship with.

3. Taking private calls. 

Whenever he gets a phone call does he answer it in front of you or does he talk in hushed tones and walk away? If he’s constantly running to the next room or going out of ear shot to take a phone call from “work” there’s a good chance he was whispering excuses into his girlfriend or wife’s ear on why he would be late coming home. Taking private calls signals that he can’t trust you, or that he is trying to hide something…. That something he’s trying to hide just might be you….

4. Never been to his place. 

It’s only natural for a man to invite a woman over to their home or apartment when they are dating. If he always seems busy when you ask to come over, or he just never brings it up, he may be trying to hide something. He could live with a wife or girlfriend.

End result: If he never invites you over, it’s for a good reason.

5. No photos. 

Are You the Other Woman? 5 Signs He’s Not Really Single

We love taking photos. From selfies to date photos, it’s fun and super romantic to take pictures with your sweetie. But does he let you take photos at all? If he says he hates photos and refuses to put any pictures of the two of you up on social media, he may be trying to hide your relationship from his social circle. If he gets into arguments with you over your posting pictures, it’s safe to say he’s getting irrational not because he’s just really not a fan of photographs… He’s just not a fan of getting caught cheating.


Your guy may think he’s slick, but you now know what to look for. If you have a sneaking suspicion that he’s seeing someone else, consider the top 5 list above for confirmation. A wise woman should never be played for a fool. You deserve better.

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