Judge Orders Man That Owes $96,000 In Child Support To Stop Having Kids

Judge Orders Man That Owes $96,000 In Child Support To Stop Having Kids

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One Ohio man could face jail time if he has any more children.

A state appeals court recently upheld a sentence that forbids Asim Taylor from having more children until he pays the $96,000 he owes in child support and can “provide support for the children he already has.”

Taylor, 35, was also sentenced to five years of probation stemming from his unpaid child support. Taylor was originally indicted in 2011 accused of owing $78,922 to the mothers of his four children. Taylor eventually plead guilty, now owing more than $96,000 in child support payments.

“I put this condition on for one reason and one reason alone,” Judge James Walther told the defendant at his initial sentencing, “It’s your personal responsibility to pay for these kids.”

If Mr. Taylor impregnates someone during his five-year probation, he could end up behind bars for a year.

“It’s not a question whether or not if he wants to have more kids. It’s a question of whether or not the government should be telling somebody that they can, or they can’t,” Said Taylor’s attorney, Doug Merril. “I’ve heard from at least one of the mothers that he does do what he can to help support the child.”

Our question is should a person be forced by the court system to stop having children if he can’t take care of them? Or is the law over stepping their boundaries?

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