Over Half of Smartphone Users Have Done This... And Probably Regret it... Are You One of Them?

Half of Smartphone Users Have Done This… And Probably Regret it… Are You One of Them?

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If you have a smartphone, and I know most of us do, you may very well be part of the 54% who have unknowingly formed an elite club so to speak, where they are all individually participating in a similar activity, they shouldn’t be doing. The activity… risqué, and worse down the line could prove to be a lot more problematic than you could have ever thought. Have you figured it out yet? Personal $exties… Those racy photos that seemed like a good idea on a drunken or love filled night.

Most of us get comfortable in relationships and in the heat of the moment we don’t think twice about sending sexy pictures to our significant others.

But what happens if things fall apart? Do you really think he’d do the moral thing and delete them? In the aftermath of a breakup people have the tendency to be vindictive… What if he passes them around to his friends, or even worse post them on the internet. Once anything hits the internet it is there forever.

A survey looked at 1,500 smartphone users and found that over half admitted to texting sexy photos of some sort. Of the questioned group 70% of the people asked fell in the 18-24 year old age group. Even weirder, out of those that said they sent sexy photos only 32% verbally requested their photos be deleted upon breaking up. While I applaud their efforts in asking, unless you deleted them or actually watched them be deleted how do you know that they were in fact deleted?

Next time you feel the urge to send your guy a sexy photo of any sort… Be cautious. The past can come back to haunt you.

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