Rules Of Attraction: 3 Must Know Benefits of Playing Hard to Get...

Rules Of Attraction: 3 Must Know Benefits of Playing Hard to Get…

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As kids, playing hide and seek was many of our favorite pastimes.

There’s something devilishly fun about searching for someone hidden, looking for clues, knowing that you’re close to catching them… It’s a brand of excitement that we never fully outgrow.

So as adults we still play this game in subtle ways. Undoubtedly, we still enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Flirting and playing hard to get with potential suitors is one way we satisfy this need.

Although some consider this game of cat and mouse a fool’s game there are many benefits for a woman that perfects the art of playing hard to get.

Here are the top three advantages you gain from being a little naughty by teasing a man that is vying for your attention.

1. You gain a sense of his commitment.

Rules Of Attraction: 3 Must Know Benefits of Playing Hard to Get...

When you’re starting a new relationship, it can be hard to gauge your partner’s commitment level.

Will your relationship stand the test of time or crumble at the first sign of hardship?

That’s why playing hard to get is one of the rules of attraction you should always follow.

It’s fun, but it also offers a challenge. Gaining your attention requires a bit of work on a potential love interest part.

A guy has to be ready to follow your lead and be driven to catch you. If he isn’t willing to put forth the effort, then he’s not worth your time and attention.

Men are natural hunters. The thrill of the chase excites them.

If he wants you bad, enough he’ll put forth the effort to have you.

What does it say when a guy isn’t willing to go the extra mile to be with you?

If something as simple as a flirtatious guessing game throws him off his course, then he likely wouldn’t go the distance in a committed relationship either.

Playing hard to get gives you the ultimate opportunity to gauge a man’s level of interest and commitment to attaining you.

That’s worth gold when establishing a long term relationship.

2. It keeps you in control of the situation.

It’s safe to say that if you’ve got his attention now, and he’s engaging in your game of cat and mouse, you’re in complete control of the situation.

He’s playing along because he’s eager to get to know you, you’ve taken hold of a piece of his mind, and he’s fantasizing about the moment you will relent to his advances.

You have set forth the rules of this game. The rules of attraction. You have the power. You hold all the cards

It’s your decision how you want things to progress, what happens is all up to you.

Should you accept his offer to take you to a movie?… Hmm… Maybe next time…

Everyone wants what they can’t have, and right now he wants you. Doesn’t it feel great to be in control?

It may seem to him like he’s doing all the work, but little does he know things play out the way they do because you’re playing the game so well.

Keep your strategy intact, and you’ll have him right where you want him.

3. It allows you to enhance the attraction.

Rules Of Attraction: 3 Must Know Benefits of Playing Hard to Get...

Not having something we want, makes us want it even more.

This makes playing hard to get such a pivotal interaction when it comes to the art of flirting and dating in the modern world.

This little game you’re both engaged in gives you both enough time to truly get to know each other without losing interest too quickly.

Take your time and flirt it up. He’ll be begging to spend more time with you and get to know you more once you awaken his desires to capture you.

When you think about the rules of attraction, remember this: If you feed a man enough flirtatious bread crumbs, then deny him instant gratification, he won’t be able to get enough of you.


Playing hard to get is an art that will reveal a man’s level of interest, keep his interest, then enhance it to new heights… And you hold all the power in the game.

Remember, though, if dating him is the goal don’t leave him in the dark for too long. Don’t overplay this enticing game of cat and mouse.

Although men are known for their persistence, there’s only so much chasing he can do.

Don’t let the teasing become all you’ve got.

You want to be mysterious and alluring but not completely unknown. Be open to interaction but not too available. It’s a balance of giving and taking back, one you must level out carefully.

Take your time… But don’t take too long…

Remember, he’s after you and at some point… You’ll have to give in to his advances, which can be the start of a very happy relationship.

You’re the ultimate catch, a grand prize he’s eager to win. Make the competition fierce, but not impossible.

May the best man win your heart! ????

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