9 Things You Shouldn't Post About Your Relationship On Facebook

Too Much Info! Don’t Post These 9 Things About Your Relationship on Facebook

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Social media has made dating in the modern world more public than ever. Today, we feed off of the spotlight. With the ability to share everything about our lives with the click of a button, getting likes and comments on your statuses and pictures gives many people a sense of pride and accomplishment. However, when it comes to your relationship over sharing can be disastrous. Here are 9 things you should avoid sharing with your friends on Facebook when it comes to you and your man.

“My man is the best man in the world!” 

We get it. He’s a nice guy and a total sweetheart. But, the real question is: Who cares? Your actual friends would love to hear about how happy you are in your relationship, but Facebook friends might not be so eager to scroll down their news feed to hear you rambling about how great your guy is. You may be eager to constantly declare your love, but to others, it’s a bit much. Relationships with social media gushing often don’t last. Stop trying to prove to everyone that you’re happy and just enjoy your time together.

“My man buys me whatever I want.” 

There’s nothing worse than reading a status where someone is boasting about certain aspects of their relationship. Letting everyone know how whipped your man is, or how much he’s willing to spend on your Valentine’s Day gift is absolutely ridiculous. Not only will you look foolish for over sharing that strange piece of information, but you’ll make your partner look exceptionally terrible as well. Have some respect for yourself and your guy and keep your relationship private.

“We got freaky last night.” 

This might be the most disturbing thing on this list. Not only is it distasteful, it’s downright revolting. Does everyone need to know how amazing his oral skills are? Or hear about that adventurous position you’ve been dying to try lately? Think again. Consider who you’re friends with. How will it look to your coworkers and family? Imagine if your mom had a Facebook and posted about how her and your father conceived you. Yeah, that’s how we feel when you post about your sexcapades. Yuck.

“Check out our couples fan page.” 

You’d be surprised how often this happens. Some people are very invested in their relationship and would like everyone on Facebook to be as well. From creating fan pages and groups to sharing a profile, couples have done it all. It may seem cute now, but it will feel a bit silly in the long run. Stop it.

“Ya’ll ain’t gonna believe what this negro just did!” 

This is a BIG one. This can really ruin a relationship. Couples fight. Everyone does and it’s completely natural. But sharing it with your Facebook friends isn’t. It involves everyone in your personal business and invites them to form their own opinions and discuss the matter. Your relationship isn’t a topic for debate. Even if it’s something as small as showing up late for a date, just don’t do it. You may feel the need to chat about your drama with your girls, but putting it up on Facebook is a bit much. You may enjoy the feedback but there’s a good chance your boo will not.

“Hey honey bear can you give me a back rub tonight?” 

Every couple has inside jokes and pet names, but blasting them all over your man’s profile will only create awkward jokes from his friends. Posting “Hey Honey Bear, don’t forget to wash the dishes. It’s your night!” isn’t something the web needs to know. Shoot him a text or just call if you have something personal to say.

“Guess what we doing tonight ya’ll!” 

An occasional glimpse into your dates is cool But a day by day update and check in of the lavish restaurants or events you two go to is just silly. Unless you’re interested in inviting a third wheel or collecting a gathering of stalkers, no one needs to know where you are at all times.

“Facebook we’re getting married!” 

If you plan on taking your relationship to the next level, discuss it with your loved ones before you post it on Facebook. From getting engaged to having a baby, it’s often hurtful to hear the news on Facebook first instead of getting it from the source. Be considerate. There may be people your man is interested in talking to in person before the social media blast.

“I’m so sad and lonely right now.” 

In the event that you two don’t last forever, don’t over share your breakup struggles on Facebook. From sad love song lyrics to side eye statuses about “some people,” it’s all a big NO. You’ll get your feelings out but just end up looking bitter and depressed. Keep your head up, take your ex off your news feed, and call it a day.


When it comes to what you post on the internet and Facebook, always be mindful. Be considerate of how it will affect you and your partner individually, as well as how it will affect your relationship. Moderation is the key. By keeping your relationship private, you allow room for more intimacy and a healthier growth of love and affection.

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