Use This Simple Trick to Catch a Liar (Secret Tactic Used by The FBI Revealed!)

Use This Simple Trick to Catch a Liar (Secret Tactic Used by The FBI Revealed!)

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Ladies, do you ever wonder if your man is telling you the truth or just telling you what he thinks you want to hear? Coming straight from a man, I want to give you a little insight. Most men, like nearly everyone else, will tell the truth when they know the person they are talking to will approve. However, like most others, can be deceitful, evasive, and even outright liars when they know whoever is asking, either won’t like, or will disapprove of the actual truth.

One of my favorite subjects is psychology, for the past 5 or 6 years I’ve been interested in what makes people tick, why do people make certain decisions? I think this helped me make sense of my past and the tragedies I was witnessing in my community, like how seemingly good kids, including myself, grew up to be thugs and gangsters in adulthood, but that’s another story. Let’s get back to how to catch a liar.

The other day I was reading Psychology Today and former FBI behavioral analyst John Schafer presented an interesting tactic to try, if you really felt you weren’t being told the truth. That tactic is called a Volatile Conundrum.

With this tactic, the person being questioned is forced to make a snap decision. It has been statistically shown that truthful people have little difficulty handling Volatile Conundrums and well, the not so honest, they often reveal they aren’t telling the truth without even knowing it.

The cool thing about this technique is that you can check out a person’s truthfulness without them even realizing it. The questioner is never in the awkward position of calling someone out, or even suggesting that you are suspicious that they might be lying. Nobody wants to feel that they aren’t trusted. If your assumption is wrong, it could damage the relationship,

So instead of confronting them with accusations, bust out this covert method of revealing the truth instead.

As an example let’s use a conversation between a woman and her boyfriend, who she suspects of lying about where he has been.

If she would typically ask her man, “What did you do last night? “ and feels she always get’s evasive answers, and something just doesn’t sound right about his stories, the next time she asks him she would bust out the Volatile Conundrum tactic… Here is the typical conversation, followed by the conversation with a Volatile Conundrum variation…

Woman: Where did you go last night?

Boyfriend: I just hung out with the guys.

Woman: What did you all do?

Boyfriend: Ah… Went to see a Movie and hung out at Mark’s house afterwards.

Woman: What time did the movie start?

Boyfriend: Around 7:00

Woman: Oh… Okay…

And the conversation is over. She can accuse him of lying, but she has no proof, and like I said earlier, no one wants to feel like they aren’t trusted by their spouse. Outright calling him a liar will start an argument, and can definitely damage the relationship, especially if he’s telling the truth. So let’s take a look at this same conversation, with a Volatile Conundrum added…

Woman: Where did you go last night?

Boyfriend: I just hung out with the guys.

Woman: What did you all do?

Boyfriend: Ah… Went to see a Movie and hung out at Mark’s house afterwards.

Woman: What time did the movie start?

Boyfriend: Around 7:00

Woman: That’s interesting. I was watching TV around 8 last night and I seen a breaking news bulletin. They said someone had pulled the fire alarm at the movie theater. The police and firemen evacuated the building until they could prove no fire or threat existed and then let everyone back in. I would have been pretty angry if I had been watching a movie and had to leave half way through.

Now this is the beauty of the tactic. At this point, the boyfriend is faced with a Volatile Conundrum and has to make a snap decision. If he’s lying about what he did last night and wasn’t really at the movie theater, does he acknowledge the fire alarm or dispute it all together? If he acknowledges the fire alarm when in reality it did not occur he’s caught in his own web of lies… if he disputes the fire alarm, and it did occur, he’s still busted… Tough decision, only a truthful person will know the correct answer here. Back to the conversation:

Woman: I would have been pretty angry if I had been watching a movie and had to leave half way through.

Boyfriend: What? (weird look) There was no fire alarm…

Woman: Oh, maybe I heard it wrong. I really wasn’t paying that much attention… So what are you up to today (Escape clause)

Based on his response and body language, he was obviously telling the truth. Using the escape clause – “maybe I heard it wrong.” Refocuses the conversation, and unless she explained the tactic to him, he has no way of knowing she was attempting to catch him in a lie… Had the conversation gone differently, and it appeared he was being deceptive?

Woman: I would have been pretty angry if I had been watching a movie and had to leave half way through.

Boyfriend: Ah… It didn’t bother me… I had to go to the bathroom anyway.

This would have shown that he was clearly lying, and she would then have to decide to either confront him immediately, or let some time pass and confront him at a later time. I know what you are thinking… It might be gratifying to call him out right then and there, but that might not be the wisest thing to do for a couple of reasons. First, you would have to blow your cover, and then the Volatile Conundrum would never work again. Secondly, he would get defensive and probably try to throw it in your face that you had tricked him. The choice is yours, at the end of the day you know he’s lying, dig a little deeper, find out what he’s lying for.


The Volatile Conundrum is a very powerful tool and should be used in a limited capacity, as to not give away your secret tactic. Always be careful that you’ve designed it in a believable fashion, and also include an escape clause so you won’t have any trust lost if you are wrong.

If you don’t give yourself away, he will let you know the real scoop without even knowing it.

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