9 Signs That He's a Player That You Shouldn't Ignore

9 Signs That He’s a Player That You Shouldn’t Ignore

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No woman wants to get played. Period.

Investing time, energy, and emotions in a guy that is playing mind games, cheating, or doing both is a source of headaches and heartache.

Spotting the early warning signs that he’s a player is an absolute must if you want to avoid getting played.

Many of us have a sixth sense for this because unfortunately, we grew up with brothers, uncles, or father’s that were players and got to witness up close and personal the games they ran on women.

But not all of us have gotten to sharpen our knowledge by taking a behind the scenes look at players in action.

So for those of you that need to sharpen your radar, here are 9 signs that he’s a player that you shouldn’t ignore…

1. He wasn’t shy about approaching you in an uncomfortable public setting.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the grocery store, a parent-teacher conference, or the doctor’s office, some men are always on the prowl.

If a guy calmly and smoothly tries to holler at you in a public setting that doesn’t invite such activities, he’s definitely bold and probably does this all the time.

From experience, this is a skill only true players possess.

2. He’s in better shape than pretty much everyone you know.

When a brotha’ is fit as hell and has all the charm to match it might be time to begin analyzing his motives a little closer.

I’m sure you notice… Most of the population is at least a little bit overweight.

In fact, statistics show that about two-thirds of the population is overweight or obese.

So, that means that the men that are walking around with bodies like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are rare. Which makes them a hot commodity on the dating scene.

Unfortunately, many of them are using their good looks to do nothing more than get as many women in bed as they possibly can.

So if you meet a guy, and he’s in top shape. Always worried about his looks, going to the gym and even watching what’s on his plate, his obsession for his muscles might have a lot to do with his obsession for women and the attention having eight pack abs and bulging biceps gets him.

Now don’t get me wrong. Some men are just into fitness because they like looking good and enjoy being healthy. So you have to be able to tell the difference.

Here are a few warning signs that his fitness addiction has more to do with getting women’s attention than maintaining good health:

  • He loves to flaunt his body on Facebook and other social networks by taking dozens or even hundreds of shirtless pics and videos.
  • He has a thing for wearing form-fitting clothes that show off his muscles when he goes out.
  • He has a huge list of female admirers on social media that flirt with him and he flirts back.

If you notice any of those three things, he’s likely using his sex appeal to play women.

3. He won’t accept your friend request on Facebook… And his friends list consist of hundreds or thousands of women.

If his Facebook account is locked down like a fortress, and you find it to be fully loaded with females once you manage to get a peek, he is very likely a player.

Why else would he refuse to friend you on social media?

9 Signs That He's a Player That You Shouldn't Ignore

4. You don’t see each other often…and when you do…you ALWAYS have sex…

At the beginning of most relationships, the physical attraction factor plays a huge role. So couples might spend quite a bit of time in the bedroom getting frisky.

However, if sex is what your relationship revolves around combined with the fact that he can only see you a few times a week because of “work” or some other issue that consumes his time, and when he does see you… All that’s on his mind is taking your clothes off then going about his business… You’re definitely dealing with a player.

This type of man usually spends most of his time chasing women, finding new ways to make money, working out, or hanging with his boys.

Outside of the bedroom, he has limited attention for you. This is one of the most obvious, but often overlooked signs that he’s a player.

Side Note: If he never takes you out to dinner, movies, or anywhere else besides his bedroom, it can only mean his time as a player is extremely important to him and he’s only using you for his satisfaction.

5. He has a wide face.

This one is weird I know lol. But trust me science backs it.

Recent biomechanics studies suggest that men with wider faces tend to be untrustworthy and prone to lying, two cornerstones of infidelity.

This is definitely an interesting piece of science. I’m not sure how precise it is, but it’s worth noting.

To sum it up: Girl, you better watch his big head ass ????????????

6. He’s tight with money…at least when it comes to you…

If he refuses to spend money on you but always seems to buy himself new clothes, shoes, and luxury items that can be used to attract the attention of other women… He’s probably a player.

If your dates tend to consist of, “How bout’ we hit up the McDonald’s drive thru?” It’s probably time you ask yourself how much does he really like you?

7. He never remembers the stories he has already told you.

If he’s always kickin you the same stories or one liners over and over again, he probably is just reciting from the memorized script he uses on the women.

All players have their go-to lines or deep stories to trigger sympathy, intrigue, excitement, or other emotional reactions.

Don’t fall for it.

8. Mystery man at your service.

If a man never shares anything personal with you, good or bad, that’s a negative sign.

And we are talking extreme non-sharing. I mean, it’s as if he has no past or present. His life is just… A mystery…

If your man never shares stories about his childhood, current personal problems, dreams and plans for the future, or anything personal for that matter, you might be dealing with a player.

To put it bluntly. It makes no sense opening up to someone you have no intention of being committed to.

This is cemented by his avoidance to meet your family and friends. If he doesn’t reveal much about his life and keeps coming up with excuses as to why he can’t meet your loved ones you are most likely dealing with a player.

Your family and friends, especially your male family and friends will sniff him out, and he knows it, so he tries to stay away from them.

9. His phone is always on vibrate or silent mode.

Unless the reason he keeps his phone silent is business related and you have proof of that he’s probably hiding something.

Likely text messages from his real girlfriend or last week’s trophies.


If you notice several of these tell-tell signs of a player in the man you’re dating proceed with caution.

Commitment is completely out of the question with this type of person. At least until he’s ready to throw his player card back in the pile. Chances are you’re wasting your time and setting yourself up for a broken heart

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