3 Questions That Will Get Any Man To Open Up

3 Questions That Will Get Any Man To Open Up

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Ladies, let’s face it; non-communicators are the worst. You never know what’s on their mind, you can never tell how they truly feel about things. And, worse than all, you are constantly forced to swallow your feelings and emotions because of the brick wall you slam into when you express them. These types of men seem to have a natural-born passion for vagueness and secrecy.

“So what he’s not much of a talker? He has lots of other good qualities” – you tell yourself. But what if you’re tired of his silence and inability to communicate? One thing you could do is ask questions that seem insignificant, but will elicit a telling response from nearly anyone, read between the lines, and pay attention to the details. Here are three questions that will achieve that goal.

Question 1: If you could have a super power what would it be?

This can illicit a very telling response. The ability to fly might mean he craves fun and adventure. If he says “the power to be invisible”, it could mean he often feels attacked, stressed, pressured, and wants to get away from it all. Take advantage of such an answer and throw in a few questions to see if something is troubling him. He is probably keeping his problems hidden from you to protect you, or because he doesn’t like to complain or discuss his feelings.

Another answer that says a lot about how he truly feels is “the ability to freeze time” this answer might be an indicator that he feels rushed, and that his life is moving too fast. On the other hand, if he answers with “The power to go back in time” this could mean he has regrets, and things that still bother him from his past, maybe a missed opportunity, or lost friend. However he answers try to read between the lines. You might discover some deep seeded emotions there.

Question 2: What song title best describes your life?

This is another stimulating question that is primed to give you some insight. Pay attention and read between the lines.

Question 3: If you ran into the U.S. President on the street, what would you ask him?

This question has the ability to reveal the things he feels most deeply about. Concerns, fears, passions, a question that involves politics and politicians often solicits a wide range of deeply held beliefs and ideologies. Be prepared to possibly see a side of him you never knew existed. He might be a highly passionate, caring, and nurturing person concerned with world problems such as hunger or cancer research. On the other hand, he might want to ask the President about trending topics like gay marriage and the legalization of marijuana. No matter how he answers be ready to push for more details, I can almost guarantee, you won’t be able to get him to stop talking.


Keep in mind that your partner’s answers to these three questions could alter your relationship forever. The way he answers could reveal whether or not you two are truly compatible. If you aren’t ready for such a revelation, I suggest you avoid these questions and enjoy the silence

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