Cellulite, stretch marks, smile lines, wrinkles- Here's What Men Really Think of Women's Bodies

Cellulite, stretch marks, smile lines, wrinkles- Here’s What Men Really Think of Women’s Bodies

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When it comes to their bodies, women are their own worst enemy. They often stand in front of the mirror for a quick look that turns into half an hour of pure body examination. God, why are my thighs so big? Has my nose always looked like that? The real question is… Does that truly matter in the eyes of your boyfriend, husband or potential mates? More often than not, women are the only ones who are concerned with their minor flaws. The guys you date? Not so much. Here are the top six things women find troubling about their bodies that men can’t get enough of or plain and simply just don’t notice.

1. Breasts & Butts. 

Women are often over concerned with these two body parts. They’re either too flat or they stick out too much when you’re trying on that new outfit. But what do men really think? Truthfully? Men are simply content to see you naked! Lmao. While you’re busy wondering if he’s turned off by your boobs uneven size or the weird way they look when you’re not wearing a bra, he’s just in awe of your body. He’s wondering how long he can get away with staring. And your butt? Cellulite or not your guy is just happy he gets to fall to sleep holding it at night.

2. Thighs & Hips. 

You hate how long it takes to put on jeans and weep at the idea of there being “a little more to love.” But, men aren’t worried about that. They love the idea of there being something to hold on to when they’re in the bedroom. And the way you fill out those jeans might be unflattering to you, but guys simply can’t get enough. The way your hips stick out might annoy you, but all your guy is thinking about is how amazing it would feel to let his hands run down your body.

3. Scars, Etc. 

Maybe you have a long scar from that time you declared yourself a daredevil in 3rd grade, or maybe you’re self-conscience of a crooked tooth. However, guys either won’t notice or will find your hidden flaws marvelous. They see it as a unique trait, something that sets you apart from the crowd. The way your teeth stick out when you laugh is adorable to him, no matter how hard you try to hide it.

4. Cellulite, Wrinkles, & Aging. 

Have you ever heard a man say “She was hot, but those wrinkles were such a turn off.” No? That’s because men don’t care. They don’t worry about laugh lines the way women do. Sure, he’ll notice how your body has changed over the years, but he will likely be too wrapped up in marveling at how you’ve stayed beautiful for so long. So even though you can’t find the right cream to get rid of those stretch marks and cellulite, your guy will likely still be craving you every single night.

5. The Other Stuff. 

You’ve spent 10 minutes perfecting your eyeliner in the bathroom, but the truth is your guy will respond the same way if your face was fresh and makeup free. He’ll tell you you look amazing either way, and he’s not lying. Men are simply not as concerned with the little details the way women are. The truth is, if you understand your body and know how to dress for your type, your guy will love whatever you’re wearing. And you’re hair? Many have debated whether men are more interested in long or short hair. Genetically, long hair is a sign of good health, which subconsciously signals good reproductive health to men. But, in all honestly, if you keep it clean and vibrant, your man will love it.

Side Note: Think about this for a moment. Men have been chasing after, and fighting over women long before makeup and tight dresses existed. If fake eyelashes and fancy hair dos are what fueled sexual attraction civilization would have ceased to exist in the cave man days.

6. Figure. 

Women are so critical when it comes to their bodies. Too thin, too thick. You often rip yourselves apart and then worry what others will think, especially men. But, us men are simple creatures. We are visual, but in a way that doesn’t involve a harsh microscopic lens. We see the big picture, not the tiny flaws. We look at your entire body and water at the mouth in amazement. We see what makes you a woman: those sexy curves you hate so much, the way you walk, anything and everything that makes you feminine is a plus in our book. You’re sexy in every way, you just don’t seem to know it yet.


Give your guy, and yourself, a break. You’re beautiful. Confidence is the key when it comes to being sexy. Instead of focusing on your flaws, look to your strengths to take hold of your inner beauty queen. Forget what drives you crazy when you look in the mirror and work what you’ve got. You’re stunning and sexy in every way, and trust meYou’re man agrees.

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