Poem: A Tribute to Maya Angelou, By: Mary Brown

Poem: A Tribute to Maya Angelou, By: Mary Brown

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Thank you for all the words of wisdom,
That were sent through generations of time.

Thanks for all the helpful guidance,
That was included in each and every rhyme.

Your words were always powerful,
Full of goodness, honesty, and truth.
You shared your heart with us all,
And helped us to capture our youth.

You were always BOLD, BLACK, And BEAUTIFUL,
A living testimony to those that you reached.
Always sincere, genuine, and unique….
With an appealing tongue in your speech.

Many generations will call you blessed,
Especially those of ethnic descent.
We will continue to treasure your words,
And believe wholeheartedly in what you meant.

You have been our teacher, our guide,
and you were our firstborn mother.
You have led your black children to excellence,
And have taught us to love one another.

May you rest in peace,
….Sleep well fair maiden,
You bore the burden for us all,
But you were never weak or heavy laden………

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