Relationship Success Secrets: 10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently

Relationship Success Secrets: 10 Things Happy Couples Do Differently

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Everyone knows the perfect couple. Always smiling and having the time of their lives. Their relationship is forever rock solid, and they seem to have everything together. You and your guy on the other hand are often a mess. Fighting, miscommunication, and stuck in a rut you begin to wonder what it really takes to have it all. Well, reality is no one has it all and every couple goes through their ups and downs, even the ones that seem to always be in perfect harmony with one another. But some couples find a way to stay overall happy for the long term, just think of those older couples that still profess their love for one another, and are proud to say they have been happily married for 30 years or more. Here’s their secret…

1. They Listen.

Listening is extremely important when it comes to a serious relationship. Your life is no longer just about you. It’s about sharing your experience with someone else, and that means listening to someone else’s opinion also. Pay attention to what each other have to say. Ignoring each other’s thoughts and opinions will lead to disaster.

2. They Understand That Mutual Respect Is Mandatory.

Being respectful of your partner is key. You are both human. You both have needs and wants, and feelings that matter. Take that into consideration, both emotionally and physically. Remember, the choices you make now affect the two of you. By simply being respectful you’re opening up your relationship to a more positive experience.

3. They Communicate. 

In sync communication is quite possibly the most important thing in a relationship. Without a sound communication system your foundation can crumble at any moment. Something as simple as keeping in contact can go a long way. From checking on how your partner’s day is going, to letting each other know when you’re running late, reaching out makes all the difference. Lack of communication spreads seeds of disaster. It leaves open the opportunity to lie, leave out important details, and lose touch with one another. The best couples are amazing at communicating, make sure you are one of them.

4. They Don’t Shy Away From Confrontation. 

Even the happiest couples fight. Everyone does. It’s natural to not share the exact same viewpoint with everyone you meet. And because couples spend so much time together building a life, big life decisions come up and with that come big disagreements. That’s okay. But, the difference between a regular couple and a happy couple is the way the arguments are handled. Own up to any issues you are having. Don’t dwell on past problems. Deal with dilemmas as they come along.

By being up front about any concerns you or your partner are facing, you can come up with a solution and work through your troubles together. Avoiding the situation will only make things worse and cause a huge rift between the two of you.

5. They Compromise. 

Great couples work together. Nothing in your relationship should ever be one-sided. Things should be as fair as possible. It’s hard to enjoy a life together if there’s only one person reaping all the benefits. You may not agree on everything, but you still have to work through it. Compromising is important when sharing your life with someone else. It keeps the peace and helps to restore balance.

6. They Stick To Their Word. 

Backing up what you say with actions is the difference between promises and broken hearts. Happy couples say that they’re going to do something, and do it. Proving you mean what you say is essential. Empty promises will only create an empty relationship.

7. They Maintain Positivity. 

Keeping positive is very important. Happy couples focus on the good attributes of their partner instead of constantly zoning in on their shortcomings. There will always be some things that irk you, but focusing on the bad only brings a negative attitude into the relationship.

8. They Find Time. 

The best couples make time for each other and for themselves. They make plans and keep them. Happy couples have date nights and ensure that all their time together isn’t just spent at home fussing about work and bills, but spent being loving and enjoying each other’s company. They’re also aware that sometimes space is needed. Whether it’s to hang out with friends and family or just to read a good book by yourself, a great partner will understand that sometimes spending time alone is essential for your sanity.

9. They Stay Adventurous. 

Happy couples are always willing to try new things. Stuck in a rut? Take a cue from the perfect partners and get out of your standard routine. Whether it’s spicing things up in the bedroom or trying an exotic new restaurant, dare to be different. Dare to make a change.

10. They Fight For Love. 

Be patient and kind. Remember, the first rule of any great relationship is love. Happy couples constantly show their love and devotion for one another. They don’t harbor bad feelings or plot revenge. They love instead. Whether times are tough, or it’s smooth sailing, they are there for one another.


In the end it’s not about being perfect. It’s about being open, honest, and supportive. Be respectful and show your love at all times, and soon you and your partner will be the happiest couple you’ve ever met.

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