6 Signs You Gave Up The Goodies Too Fast

6 Signs You Gave Up The Goodies Too Fast

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Afraid you slept with a guy too soon? But really… How soon is too soon? Maybe you’re still on the safe side. Maybe he’ll perceive you as a determined woman who is not afraid of her own sexuality and knows exactly what she wants. Right???

Having sex with a man too soon usually ends all chances of a long term bond, after conquering you, he turns his attention to his next sexual adventure.

But, on the other hand, there are plenty of relationships that were created thanks to a wild spark of passion that lead two people to the bedroom far ahead of schedule.

So how soon is too soon? These 6 signs will reveal the truth…

Sign #1:You had sex in the car.

Or on the beach… Or in the bathroom of the club where you just met. Or someplace similar where there’s usually no bed involved.

99.9% of men immediately lose respect for a woman they have a first sexual encounter with in some raunchy place.

I’m sorry, but to be blunt, in his book you’re a hoe.

If the first time you had sex with him, it wasn’t in your bedroom or his… You probably gave up the goodies too fast. Don’t be surprised when he dodges titles like, “boyfriend and girlfriend” and avoids your questions about long term commitment.

Friends with benefits is as far as this relationship will go.

Sign #2: He suddenly stops texting you.

So… You slept together after your first or second date. It wasn’t anything planned, it just felt natural. The chemistry was too strong for you to resist. And now it’s the day after, and you’ve got that after sex glow.

You’re telling your best friend how happy you are, but silently you also have that nasty guilty feeling, like you did something wrong that you will one day regret. Now you find yourself at home, trying to rationalize the guilt, waiting for him to call. Or text. But he doesn’t… Not until the next time he wants to have sex with you.

You just landed yourself in the ‘booty call’ category. You definitely became intimate wayyyy too fast.

Sign #3: He stops asking you out.

Before you slept together, he always wanted to take you out on dates, but now he’s nowhere to be found? The rate of dates has dropped faster than you can say “it’s over”.

Oh yea, you definitely gave up the goodies too fast.

Sign #4: He doesn’t pay the same amount of attention to you.

He used to be all over you when spending time together. He held your door, paid for dinners, asked about your day. Now he keeps your conversations to a bare minimum and doesn’t really seem to have interest?

This is another very revealing sign that you had sex with him far too soon.

Sign #5: He’s not interested in hanging out with your friends or family.

He keeps on coming up with obviously bs excuses for not meeting your friends or family. He claims he’s too tired to interact with them, or that he doesn’t feel like socializing.

This man obviously has no interest in becoming a part of your life or a member of your family. Probably because you had sex with him before you should have.

Signs #6: He says he is not ready for a serious commitment.

When a guy tells you this after recently sleeping with you, you might as well get emotionally ready to go through an unavoidable breakup. Once again, you gave up the goodies too fast.


My advice is to go on at least six or seven dates with a guy before even thinking about hopping into bed with him. If a long term commitment is what you are seeking then getting to know each other, meeting friends and family, going out on several dates is mandatory before any type of sexual activities take place… Make him earn it.

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