7 Signs You Can Trust Him With Your Heart (Can I trust him?)

7 Signs You Can Trust Him With Your Heart

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Have you ever been in love? Do you recall that feeling of being happy for no apparent reason, smiling out of the blue, and opening up to that one special person?

Being in love is an amazing state of mind and spirit that can melt even the coldest person.


It pushes us to give our all to the one that has won our affection.

No matter how closed up and private you might be, when in love, it’s nearly impossible not to show vulnerability. But how do you avoid giving your all to the wrong person? When do you know it’s the right time to let your guard down?

How do you know you can truly trust him with your heart?

Here are a few signs that should lead you in the right direction.

1. You’ve known him for at least a year.

While you can’t stop falling in love with someone, you can make the mistake of letting them know how you feel too early in the relationship.

You might feel the butterflies in your stomach and see fireworks when looking into his eyes or listening to his voice, but don’t get over-enthusiastic and say the three magic words sooner than you should.

Always remember this: No matter how he responds to it, going back to the way things were before saying, “I love you” is practically impossible.

2. You find him and he finds you.

7 Signs You Can Trust Him With Your Heart

No chasing, no struggle, no searching. It all comes so naturally, the way you are both there for one another when you need support. You don’t even have to ask.

He knows when you need someone to listen, or a shoulder to cry on, and he’s there to provide it.

This is a sign that the feelings are mutual and you can trust him with your heart.

3. No lies.

As far as you know, he has never lied to you. And he has given you no reason to believe he has been anything less than truthful.

Your heart is safe in this man’s possession.

Strong relationships are built on trust and communication. Sadly, those two things, especially TRUST, are very rare in today’s age.

I mean, so many of the people we have trusted in the past have lied to us, so it’s no wonder we come into relationships a bit skeptical.

So if you feel like you can trust him and he has earned it by being up front and communicating, you have definitely found something rare and should feel safe opening your heart to that person.

4. He treats you with respect.

This man really knows how to treat a woman. He shows you respect, he doesn’t get disrespectful when you argue, and he has never put his hands on you out of anger.

He’s the type you can trust with your heart.

He’s putting forth the effort and deserves the trust that he’s being given.

5. ”I’m not going anywhere.”

7 Signs You Can Trust Him With Your Heart

He told you these crucial words. And you believe him. He has never lied, cheated, or disappointed you before. Think of these words as an amazingly romantic equivalent to the classic, “I love you.”

Often a man will tell you this before he actually says the L-word.

If you can sense sincerity when he speaks to you and looks you in your eyes trust your instincts.

I think you’ve found a man that is worthy of your affection, attention, and all the love your heart has to offer.

6. He is willing to sacrifice to see you happy.

Time with friends, trips to places he really doesn’t want to go to, people he doesn’t really want to hang out with… But he does it anyway just to make you happy…

Girlllllll if he’s sacrificing his own needs and pleasures to see you happy, he’s definitely a keeper and trustworthy to give your heart to.

7. You can trust him with your secrets.

7 Signs You Can Trust Him With Your Heart

He is trustworthy not just as a lover, but also as a partner and friend. You can share your deepest, most intimate thoughts with him, and you know you can count on him to not tell anyone.

This is also something that is very rare. In a world that even some of our best friends reveal our secrets, turn enemy and use the things we told them against us.

If you find anyone, friend, lover, or family member that you reveal your thoughts, struggles, and secrets without fear of being judged or them gossiping about you, you are lucky, and you should never let that person go.

That’s someone that has your back 100%, and that’s indeed a rarity.


If you see these signs in your man, then I’m confident you can let your guard down and show him how you honestly feel.

Even though you might have been hurt in the past, and you are cautiously protecting your heart from ever feeling that pain again, eventually you will have to open up to experience true love.

So the next time you find yourself asking: Can I trust him?

Don’t be afraid to take the plunge if you see these signs.

I’m confident you can trust him with your heart. ❤

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