4 Signs You're The Type Of Woman He Needs In His Life

4 Signs You’re The Type Of Woman He Needs In His Life

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There are so many positive changes a good woman can bring into a man’s life.

Don’t believe me?

Ask any happily married man and he will tell you this to be true.

Undoubtedly, when a man finds the love and affection of the right woman, his life will be positively impacted forever.

So the question lingers.

Are you that woman in your man’s life? Are you the type of woman he needs to achieve his goals and find true happiness?

Here are a few clear signs that you are.

Sign #1: He is more optimistic. 

4 Signs You're The Type Of Woman He Needs In His Life

If the man in your life out of nowhere becomes cheerful and optimistic about the future, it might be because of you.

Everyone needs that special person in their life that makes them feel as if the world has no limits.

If he sees the future as a bright and amazing place that holds no boundaries, chances are you are partly responsible for his enthusiastic growth.

Sign #2: He opens up more.

Us men can sometimes be emotional vaults that don’t open unless you possess the right key. And research has proven that is not healthy.

Fact:  The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reported that emotions are tied to our nervous system, which controls our heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, respiration, and perspiration, showing clearly that physical and emotional health are connected.

If your man opens up to you and lets you know about the things that worry or stress him this is a positive sign, and you are likely the only person he shares these feelings with.

Most men have a difficult time opening up emotionally, leading them to carry around a weight of built up stress, which can lead to long-term health problems like heart disease.

If you are the person he feels comfortable opening up to, allowing him to share this emotional burdens, then you are definitely the type of woman he needs in his life.

Sign #3: He wants more out of life and his career. 

Are you noticing his ambition levels rising?

He wants a higher paying job, he’s talking about going back to school to further his education, maybe even start his own business.

If he’s motivated to succeed more than ever now that you are by his side, then you are no doubt having a positive impact on him.

Your support means more than you realize. Even if he doesn’t verbally express it, he likely understands how vital you are to his success and how your warmth, comfort, and encouragement is fueling him to greatness.

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Sign #4: He is more empathetic.

4 Signs You're The Type Of Woman He Needs In His Life

I don’t think many people would disagree: Empathy is something that women tend to possess more of than men.

Luckily, that becomes less pronounced when a man meets the right woman.

The ability to understand and sympathize with another person is a positive trait men tend to gain when the right woman comes into their lives.

They say that a person is the average of the three people they hang around the most.

So this is simply your good nature rubbing off on him.

If you have helped him see that love and compassion is just as powerful as anger and aggression, you are definitely the type of woman he needs in his life.


If you notice all, or at least a few of these signs when it comes to your man, rest assured that you are the type of woman he needs in his life.

When two people come together romantically, they should improve each other by filling in each other’s weaknesses, making them better together than they are apart.

Any two individuals that can trigger this positive growth in each other were meant to be together.

And nothing compares to that…

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