5 Types Of Love You Definitely Don't Want

5 Types Of Love You Definitely Don’t Want

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Everybody wants to find love, but all love is not created equal. Some love can be as harmful and toxic as a rattlesnake’s venom. Sadly, we all know at least one woman whose life was completely left in ruins by accepting the wrong type of love from the wrong type of man.

Silently, we all say to ourselves, “It wouldn’t be me.” But, love has a sneaky way of blinding us all when we are in the grips of its passion. Simply put, mistakes of the heart can be made by anyone.

True love is hard to find while on your search be careful not to fall into the tangled web of any of these 5 types of love you don’t want.

Type of love you don’t want #1: The too intimate too soon love. 

You’ve just met the guy a few weeks ago, and he’s already staring you in your eyes, stroking your hand, warmly telling you, “No woman has ever made me feel the way you do?”. Pause… It’s way too early for this type of affection. Yes, love at first sight does exist, but men usually need more time to sort their feelings out. At this point, it’s probably just the little head in his pants talking. There isn’t too much a horny man won’t say to get a little bedroom action.

Type of love you don’t want #2: Zero-commitment love.

This kind of love is usually brought to you by a guy that is over 30 and hasn’t had more than one serious relationship in his life. The best way to handle a relationship with a guy like this is to clear the air as soon as possible. Let him know that you are happy that you got to know him, but that you are interested in a serious relationship. Give him some sort of an ultimatum. If he really wants to be with you, he’ll make the decision to commit to the relationship.

Type of love you don’t want #3: Zero-stability love.

If you’re dating a man who constantly quits his jobs, has no job, or has no idea what he wants to do with his life, start running. Dating a man like this is destined to be a full of turmoil. Love don’t pay no bills lol. Besides, studies have shown that men gain a large portion of their self-esteem based on their job title and how much money they make.

If the guy can’t find some career success, he will likely start feeling like a failure.

A man like this will drag you down with negativity. He can also begin to feel envious of your career success. Even worse he can begin to grow comfortable with you supporting him financially.

Type of love you don’t want #4: Thug love. 

A relationship with a thug is bound to fail. For one, it’s nearly impossible to read this type of mans true intentions. Is he using you for sex? For money? A place to lay his head and get a hot meal every now and then? You really never know messing with a thug. Not to mention the fact that they have a reputation for romancing a lot of women, having a hard time committing, and living a dangerous lifestyle. Save yourself the heartache and just stay away.

Type of love that you don’t want #5: Long list love.

If you are dating a man that changes girlfriends more than newborns change diapers you are in the wrong relationship. You don’t want the love of this type of man. His love and affection leaves a trail of tears and broken hearts.


It’s up to you to decide if you are ready to cope with any of these 5 types of love, or if it’s best that you slowly close the door behind you and never look back. In the game of love, you never truly know when you will win or when you will lose, but you can strengthen your odds of success by avoiding the things I mentioned above. Remember you should never sacrifice yourself, your values, or your happiness for love. Only you can truly protect your heart.

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