A Glimpse Into The Future: 4 Early Warning Signs That He's Thinking About Cheating

A Glimpse Into The Future: 4 Early Warning Signs That He’s Thinking About Cheating

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The scent of perfume on his clothes, the late night phone calls, and extra hours at the office. These are all signs that he is secretly enjoying the company of another woman.

However, by the time you see these signs, it’s already too late. He’s cheating, and there’s no way you can turn back time.

But, what if there was a way you could almost psychically tell when your man is thinking about cheating on you?

Guess what?

There is…

Noticing these 4 subtle signs is almost like taking a glimpse into the future. If you see them, he’s no doubt thinking about cheating.

Warning sign #1: He starts to call you crazy.

Or he says you are depressed. Either way, his intention is to make you start doubting yourself and your sanity. This will lead to you wondering whether the signs you are seeing are real, or if they are all in your imagination.

Warning sign #2: He criticizes you non-stop.

This is another very strong sign that he is thinking about cheating. All of a sudden, you can’t do anything right. He criticizes habits you’ve had as long as you’ve known him. He doesn’t like the way that you put away the dishes. He hates what you watch on TV, the way you park your car drives him crazy, basically little things that he never had a problem with before all of a sudden have become an issue. Yes, he’s thinking about cheating.

Side Note: Men and women both subconsciously begin to spotlight negative traits and bash their partners when they are preparing to cheat. They then use this fuel as justification for their infidelity. They say, “Well if she wasn’t tripping all the time,” or ” If she paid more attention to me, I wouldn’t be cheating.”

I’m here to tell you right now, that’s complete bullsh*t. It’s simply self-justification, which allows a person to not feel guilty, even though they have done, or are actively doing something that is wrong. Let’s call it the “I did it, but it’s not my fault because…” tactic.

Warning sign #3: “You need a makeover”

This is another telling sign. When a man starts criticizing the way his girlfriend looks, he’s definitely cheating or very close to cheating. This goes back to what I just said about self-justification. By saying you have a problem or aren’t satisfying him in some way he can lessen the guilt he feels for cheating on you or thinking about cheating on you. Categorize this under the “I did it, but it’s not my fault because…” tactic also.

Warning sign #4: He starts accusing you of cheating or wanting to cheat.

This is known in psychology as Psychological projection. People have a tendency to outwardly project their internal guilt and bad traits onto others in a twisted sort of reverse psychology.


  • A closeted gay man that always accuses others of being gay.
  • A rude person that always accuses others of being rude.
  • An unattractive person that is always calling someone else ugly.

Simply put, if your man all of a sudden starts accusing you of sneaking around or being untrustworthy, it is probably because he is being deceitful himself and is paranoid that you will do the same. Make sense?


If your gut is telling you that something fishy is going on, trust your instincts. They are usually right. Stop inventing excuses and stop trusting his lies. If you want to save the relationship, then I suggest looking into couple’s counseling. If not, then walk away and don’t look back unless he decides to treat you with the respect you deserve. Protect your heart. Protect your happiness. Never compromise either of these things.

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