Having This 1 Thing is Guaranteed to Lower Your Chances of Divorce

Having This 1 Thing is Guaranteed to Lower Your Chances of Divorce

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Divorce statistics can really make a person second guess if getting married is really worth it.

50% of marriages end in divorce, most within the first 5 years. But, there is hope. Data shows that if you have this one thing your odds of divorce will be significantly lowered. What is that one thing?…


Turns out divorce rates are vastly different for educated and uneducated couples.

According to renowned sociologist William D’Antonio, “The higher the education and occupational level, the higher the income, and the less likely you are to divorce,”

Since the 1980s, the difference in divorce rates between educated and uneducated married couples has consistently increased, with the educated couples divorcing less and less each year.

Below are a few reasons why marriages between educated spouses rarely ends in divorce.

1. Educated couples have more earning power.

With all of the financial uncertainty in the economy, it is nearly mandatory to have high level academic training and certification to land a good job.

Many companies won’t even consider hiring applicants who don’t have a certain level of education. When the earning power of two spouses combines positively, it decreases the likelihood of arguments over money, which has been shown to be the leading cause of divorce.

2. Education instills problem-solving skills.

Relationships are complicated. Misunderstandings are guaranteed to happen. Not to mention the complexities of managing finances, family, work life while keeping the spark in your relationship alive. However, when two people are formally educated their problem solving skills are given a boost. They understand layered concepts, such as contingency planning and team building. Many aspects of problem-solving you learn in college can be directly applied to personal romantic relationships.

3. Educational achievements require hard work and give a sense of accomplishment.

If there is anything that helps preserve the foundation of a good marriage, it’s hard work. Beginning and completing your educational goals entails working hard, meeting deadlines, and persevering. When a person completes these goals, it can give them a sense of pride that translates positively into other facets of life, such as a serious relationship. When two people in a marriage uphold the values necessary to academically excel, it definitely can set the stage for marital bliss.


Education and marriage are essentially two institutions of American society, and as studies have shown your marriage can be greatly improved by increasing you and your partner’s level of education. However, like education, marriage has been downgraded by many as just a “piece of paper.” Maybe it’s time that we realize the power these two things hold when combined together.

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