Is The Ghost Of Previous Sex Partners Ruining Your Relationship?

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A new study claims that people — especially women — who have multiple sexual partners before getting married, report unhappier marriages down the line.

Research from The National Marriage Project conducted by two University of Denver professors, Galena K. Rhoades and Scott M. Stanley, used relationship data collected from 1,000 unmarried Americans ages 18 to 34 during 2007 and 2008.

During the next five years, only 418 of the participants got married. The professors looked closely at these marriages to discover if certain factors, including the sexual past of the partners, played a role in the quality of the marriage.

Focusing on thoughts of separation, frequency of confiding in one another, and relationship happiness, the study found that 23% of the participants who only had sex with their spouse prior to getting married reported a higher quality of marriage satisfaction compared to those who had sexual partners in the past.

The findings proved to be especially true for female participants.

The data revealed that the more sexual partners a woman had before her marriage, the less likely she would report having a happy marriage.

The researchers concluded that perhaps more sexual experience before marriage increases a person’s awareness of alternative partners.

Simply put people who have had other sexual relationships have a variety of experiences, good and bad, to compare their spouse to. Thus, they may become dissatisfied more easily than those who have no prior sexual experience before saying, “I do.”

Do I believe sexual experience will cost you your marriage or relationship?


If you find someone you truly love, and you’re fully ready to commit, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a happy and successful marriage.

Communication and contact is key.

Be open and honest with each other always. Keep each other informed and updated. Listen and be heard. And don’t forget the most important thing needed to make a marriage work…

Love… Never forget love.

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