Twitter Will Destroy Your Relationship If You Use It To Do This 1 Thing...

Twitter Will Destroy Your Relationship If You Use It To Do This 1 Thing…

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Turns out 140 characters or less can cost you your relationship.

According to a recent romance and relationship study, the popular social network Twitter may be hazardous to your love life.

Researchers confirm that romantic partners who actively argue via tweets are more likely to develop serious issues within their relationships. “Greater active Twitter use led to greater negative conflicts and outcomes,” says Russell Clayton, the author of this intriguing study and a doctoral student at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

What seemed like a simple disagreement at the time, can later become motivation to cheat, break-up, or divorce.

Using an online survey of 581 Twitter user’s ages ranging from 18 to 67, Clayton proposed 20 questions. Ranging from information about their average time spent on Twitter to relationship conflicts resulting from use of the site itself, the results found that the effects of Twitter were negative for nearly all romantic relationships.

Allowing couples to experience an emotional rollercoaster in just a few clicks, this social media site offers countless opportunities to connect with people all across the world. This leaves partners who broadcast their arguments on the internet more open to emotional cheating, which often leads to meet ups in real life.

Simply put, arguing about your relationship publicly allows other people to watch and comment, giving their two cents and adding fuel to an already raging fire.

Side Note: Arguing on Twitter could also trigger the psychological tendency of commitment/consistency. It’s very hard for people to back track on things they say publicly. Many couples say things they don’t mean and often breakup in the heat of the moment, it can be very hard to get back together when this takes place on social media in front of family and friends, who will quickly bombard you with quotes like, “Girl I thought you said he was no good and you was leaving him alone…”

Clayton believed that these findings could be true of any social networking site, “Any medium used too much or in hazardous ways can lead to these negative outcomes or conflicts.” In 2013, he conducted a similar study focused on Facebook. His findings were nearly identical.


The results of these two studies are fair warning to all couples. Don’t broadcast your arguments on social media for the world to see, it will destroy your relationship in the long run.

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