5 Dating Tips For Single Mothers That Will Simplify Your Love Life

5 Dating Tips For Single Mothers That Will Simplify Your Love Life

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Being a single mother is a difficult job that is full of sacrifice.

You have to take the kids to daycare, school, doctors visits, cook meals, give baths, go to work, nurture and discipline and you still haven’t gotten to do anything for yourself…

Before I get into this list of dating tips for single mothers, let me say this.

To all the single mothers reading this article right now, I commend you for stepping up and playing the role of mother and father because some boy wasn’t ready to be a man.

The world would be completely lost without you.

If you’ve been reading this website for any length of time, then you know by now that I was raised part of my life by a single mother, and the other part of my life by my mother and a drug-addicted stepfather.

I can tell you from experience, bringing the wrong man into you and your child’s life is just as harmful as having no man there at all.

You deserve someone who will treat you right, and so do your children.

But before you can find the right man you have to actually find time to start dating right?

Then you have to gauge if a man is a good man, and then build a relationship with the man once you determine he is.

As difficult as it sounds, and as difficult as it may have been in the past, it is possible.

Here are 5 very effective dating tips for single mothers that will simplify your love life…

1. Figure out what went wrong in the past.

5 Dating Tips For Single Mothers That Will Simplify Your Love Life

I’m sure you will agree. Your child is the most precious gift God could have given you.

Nevertheless, the relationship that led to your current single mother status was obviously a failed one.

But what went wrong?

Do you have a habit of falling for the wrong man?

Did you grow apart?

Were you just not compatible?

Take some time and reflect on what went wrong.

Your future success on the dating scene depends on how truthfully you answer those questions.

If you’re not real with yourself and reflect on these things you’re doomed to have history repeat itself.

2. Don’t devalue yourself… Don’t settle… Know your worth…

5 Dating Tips For Single Mothers That Will Simplify Your Love Life

You and your child both deserve to have a GOOD man in your lives.

As I stated earlier, the effects of bringing the wrong man into you and your child’s life are far more harmful than having no man at all.

Don’t accept disrespect, don’t accept abuse, don’t accept infidelity. If he wants to be around you and your child, he has to come correct.

I want you to sit down and write a list, but, let’s switch it up a little bit.

Often people make the mistake of over-focusing on the things we want while paying little attention to the things we don’t want.

I want you to structure the list like this:

I refuse to accept a man that [fill in the blank].

What won’t you accept?

Drug use?

Lack of employment?

Cigarette smoking?

Come up with a list of deal breakers and stick to it.

3. Don’t hesitate to give online dating a try. 

I have a quick stat for you: One-third of all new marriages start online.

Yes, you read that correctly. A recent study revealed that 35% of all individuals that got married between 2005 and 2012 met online. They also found that couples that met online are less likely to divorce than couples that met in any other way.

I believe this is the direct result of two distinct advantages of online dating.

  1. Online dating sites have questionnaires that all new members fill out. Allowing members to get to know each other deeply and be matched based on shared interest before they actually engage in conversation.
  2. Online dating sites have millions of members. It’s simple mathematics. The larger the number of members on the site, the greater your chances of meeting the right man are.

If you want to meet a good man, online matchmaking sites are a viable option.

Not convinced yet?

Check out this article we published earlier this year:

4. Don’t rush.

Finding true love takes time. Be ready for a few let downs, disappointments, and broken hearts.

That’s just the reality of dating.

The goal is to find a good man that will love you and your child.

The odds are that you will find the wrong man more than a few times before you meet the right man.

The first goal is to quickly identify men that aren’t right for you, so you won’t get too caught up in the relationship.

And the second goal is to quickly identify when you’ve found a good man so that you can pursue the relationship more seriously.

5. Don’t introduce every man to your child.

5 Dating Tips For Single Mothers That Will Simplify Your Love Life

Out of all the dating tips for single mothers on this list, this is the one I feel the strongest about.

As I said earlier, you will likely experience a few let downs, disappointments, and heartbreaks before you find the right man.

You don’t want your child to suffer through those heartbreaks with you.

What is nothing more than an over and forgotten two-month experimental relationship for you, can have a lasting impact on your child because children tend to emotionally attach to people quickly.

Your child’s views on love, marriage, relationships, and trust, can all be altered far into his or her adulthood by these experiences.

Before you bring a new flame around your kids, check out these 5 Laws for introducing your new man to your child without friction.


Juggling work, the home, kids, and a love life has to be harder than I can even imagine.

However, I know that you can find true love because I’ve seen it done.

This site receives hundreds of emails from women, many of them single mothers telling us how our advice has helped them mend broken relationships, and find good men that really love them.

Without a doubt, these 5 dating tips for single mothers will be effective if you put them to use.

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