5 Relationship Problems You Will Face Before You Find The Right Man

5 Relationship Problems You Will Face Before You Find The Right Man

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We all dream of having happy, steady, fulfilling relationships.

These types of intimate connections bring about the extra support we need in our lives. With the right partner by our side, we grow, improve ourselves at a physical and mental level, have better health, boost our self-esteem, and ultimately enhance our connections with the people around us.

With all those benefits, there’s no wonder why everyone is fighting to build stronger relationships. However, some relationships aren’t worth fighting for. They are only a learning experience on the path to finding your one true love.

Before locking eyes with your dream man, you are likely to go through quite a bit of relationship ups and downs with the men that come before him.

Here are a few of the most common relationship problems you will experience before meeting your Mr. Right.

Relationship problem #1: Unequal sacrifice.

5 Relationship Problems You Will Face Before You Find The Right Man

Many relationships are filled with resentment because of the unequal personal sacrifices one partner makes for the greater good of the relationship.

The partner that usually makes these personal sacrifices is undoubtedly the woman.

In an attempt to “keep a happy home” women often compromise their opinions and the things they enjoy to please their men.

I’ve seen this play out a countless number of times. Without a doubt, you will very likely find yourself in this type of relationship before you find the right man.

Side Note: Relationships are all about give and take. Never waste your time in a relationship where you’re the only one making sacrifices to make things work. And never compromise what makes you happy for a man that wouldn’t do the same for you.

Relationship Problem #2: Using anger, or having anger used against you as a weapon.

This is usually non-existent in healthy relationships.

Using feelings such as anger to obtain something from a partner, is not going to last forever. It is a red flag of incompatibility¬†and a sign that one or both partners haven’t reached the emotional maturity level to maintain a long lasting relationship.

Relationship Problem #3: You love him more than he loves you.

5 Relationship Problems You Will Face Before You Find The Right Man

Or at least this is the general feeling you get when looking back at all the sacrifices and things you do for him. I don’t think I’ve met one woman who hasn’t dealt with an unequal love at one point or another in their lives. It’s almost inevitable that you will eventually date a man that you love more than he loves you.

The best thing you can do when you find yourself in this situation is getting out of the relationship quickly as possible. Unequal love is one of the relationship problems that can do a lot of harm to a person’s self-esteem. Don’t put yourself through this any longer than you have to.

You deserve a man that will love you as much as you love him.

Relationship Problem #4: A lack of communication.

Communication is the key to healthy relationships, and eventually, you will find yourself in a relationship that lacks communication. This will lead to detachment, arguments, and resentment.

This lack of communication shows that he’s not the one.

Relationship Problem #5: The silent treatment as a punishment.

Men and women can both be guilty of this, but I usually find women to be the culprits.

As I just said, communication is the key to a successful relationship, so you don’t want to use silence as a way to express anger or displeasure.

This will lead to explosive arguments¬†because what you’re angry about will build up until you explode with rage. It’s always best to express your feelings in a healthy way if you want your relationship to last. Sit down and talk through your relationship problems as a couple. Don’t let petty disagreements grow into hostility and resentment.


All of the things I listed above are just a part of the process of becoming the woman that your future husband will love so dearly. Don’t stress out too much about the relationship problems you face along this journey, accept it for what it is, life’s way of molding you into the diamond you were meant to be.

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