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6 Simple Questions That Will Strengthen His Emotional Connection to You

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The stronger the bond between you and your man, the more likely you are to stay together. That’s a fact.

The secret to cultivating a strong bond?

For ages this has been debated, with the clear winners being healthy communication, respect, trust, and a willingness to work through the hard times together. 

There’s simply no shortcut to building a strong relationship, it takes time. So I don’t want you to take these following questions as a replacement for the hard work that it takes to build an unbreakable bond, instead look at them as building blocks along that journey.

Communication is no doubt one of the keys to relationship success, so don’t hesitate to ask these 6 simple questions that will strengthen his emotional connection to you.

Question #1: What’s your plans for the upcoming day/week?

This is a question that will help you better understand your partner’s short term goals while also avoiding any surprises.

Just don’t ask this question too often, or he will begin to feel as if he is being monitored instead of that you are just simply interested in what he has going on.

If possible, work on achieving a few of these goals as a couple. Accomplishing things as a team is a sure fire way to bring you closer together. 

Question #2: How was your day?

This is another question that shows your interest and concern.

We all have bad days at work, and coming home to find someone genuinely cares is often all we need to remove the burden. Which leads to the next question:

Question #3: What can I do to help?

If he’s stressed about the new boss at work or something else, there’s no better way to show him you really care than by asking what it is you can do to help ease his stress. 

No matter man or woman, we all appreciate when someone is there to ease our worries in stressful moments.

Question #4: Describe your perfect day of leisure?

This question will help you better understand which activities, hobbies, and passions your partner appreciates most. Try planning out a few of them as fun surprises every now and then – he will definitely appreciate you more. And begin to see that you truly understand him, which will strengthen your bond as a couple.

Question #5: In what ways do you feel my love for you?

This is a question that you might have a little trouble saying out loud if you’re the shy type. It is also a question that your man might have a harder time answering since it expresses the very essence of his most intimate feelings.

For those reasons, it’s best to save this question for a candlelight dinner after a few glasses of wine lol.

Side Note: You probably remember Beyonce’s song “If I were a boy”. Well, this is a question that you should definitely ask yourself from time to time. Psychologists encourage couples to try to put themselves in each other’s shoes at a mental level. This increases empathy and understanding.

Question #6: What are you most afraid of?

Get the answer to this one and you’re surely on your way to building a stronger bond. Men will very rarely express these types of intimate details about themselves to someone they don’t feel a close connection to. Yet and still, even if he feels an emotional connection to you it will likely be difficult for him to explore his emotions. 

Once again, this is one of those questions it’s best to ask after a few glasses of wine lol.


These questions are sure to strengthen the bond any couple shares. Communication is one of the primary keys to long term relationship success, so don’t hesitate to use these 6 communication building blocks. A deep emotional connection is sure to come.

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