Survey: Happy Wives More Important Than Happy Husbands.

Survey: Happy Wives More Important than Happy Husbands

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It’s a common joke in the married world that keeping the woman happy in a relationship is the key to a successful marriage. “Happy wife happy life.” is the saying.

A study done by Rutgers University shows that a happy wife may indeed be just what a couple needs to make their marriage work. They found that the more pleased and fulfilled the wife is with the relationship, the happier the husband is with his life.

A professor of the university’s sociology department suggests that wives often provide more for their husbands when happy. Whether it’s more sex, buying him surprise gifts, or cooking delicious meals, these acts make men happier.

This survey was conducted on 394 couples using data from 2009, focusing on health, disability, and money.  At least one partner in each relationship was over the age of 60 and had been married for at least 39 years.

The survey asked questions about their significant other and the state of their marriage, whether they felt appreciated by their spouse, arguments, emotional compatibility, and annoyances.

Along with these questions, participants were asked to keep a journal logging their actions throughout the day. From shopping to cleaning, they were asked to rate their level of happiness during each daily activity.

The results were conclusive. The happier the wife, the happier the husband.

Let this be a word to the wise: Men, focus on keeping your lady happy at all cost, or she’s going to make sure you have a really f*cked up day. Lol.

Until next time ladies.

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