Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now - Which Is He?

Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now – Which Is He?

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Is he Mr. Right? Or just Mr. Right now?

Most women eventually find themselves asking this question at some point in a relationship.

You two have your ups and downs like any couple. However, you still feel overall he’s a great guy.

But is he the one you are meant to build a future with?

Here are a few indicators that should help you find out.

Sign that he is Mr. Right: He shows you love in every way you can imagine.

He constantly expresses his love for you. He tells you he loves you every day. You can feel it in his kisses. You can sense it when in the embrace of his strong arms.

When you’re sick, he’s there with chicken noodle soup and cold medicine.

He has a spark in his eyes every time he sees you. He surprises you with flowers and is not shy about showing his affection in public.

He basically offers his unconditional love.

He’s Mr. Right.

Sign that he is Mr. Right: He is proud of you.

He is the first to congratulate you on your accomplishments. He proudly shares the news of your success with his family and friends.

You can genuinely feel his honest respect and appreciation for you.

This is a major sign that he’s meant to be in your life long-term.

Sign that he is Mr. Right: He stays fully committed.

He listens while you complain about your hard day at the office. He tries his best to offer you his undivided attention and advice when you need it.

This is his way of showing you how much he cares for you, and how much he would like to take all your troubles away and fix things.

Sign that he is Mr. Right Now: All the focus is on him.

Even though you make a cute couple, and you don’t argue a lot, something still seems off…

It feels like instead of being the twinkle in his eye, he’s the star of the relationship, and things seem to be one sided.

You make all types of sacrifices to please him. You think of him first and yourself second… But he never does the same.

At times, you feel like an interchangeable piece of his life, and that he’s not putting forth the effort to build a strong bond with you.

Love should never be unequal. Sacrifice should never be one sided.

He’s not your Mr. Right

Sign that he is Mr. Right Now: You don’t feel it…

When you meet your Mr. Right you will feel it in your heart. A sensation you never felt before will penetrate your soul, and you will know that he’s the one for you.

You won’t have to wonder, or ask him if he feels the same way as you. The look in his eyes will write the sentence, I love you, and his actions will dot it with an exclamation mark.

When Mr. Right walks into your life, you will know it.


Ultimately, Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now will prove themselves by their actions, but your intuition will tell you long before that happens.

Trust your gut instincts, deep inside you already know which category the man you are currently dating falls into.

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