It's Time to Take Your Heart Back...

It’s Time to Take Your Heart Back…

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Why do we love the things that we shouldn’t?

The food we shouldn’t eat… The members of the opposite sex that we shouldn’t date…


Many people have tried to answer that question.

“It’s something that happened in your childhood.”

“It’s bad influences.”

“It boils down to genetics.”

For each person the question of why we so desperately crave what we shouldn’t will have a different answer.

What I find is that when you uncloth the reasons, what you will discover is that it all boils down to the undeniable fact that the taste of forbidden fruit is sweet and satisfying.

It’s the reason that you crave junk food at 3:00am the moment you start a new diet.

It’s the reason you can’t resist pressing the play button when someone posts a shocking video to your Facebook wall.

It’s also the reason why the man that is bad for you, feels so good to you, and again and again you try to leave him alone but somehow find yourself in his tainted arms…

Don’t be afraid to let go. It’s hard but you know it’s the right thing to do.

It’s time to take your heart back before the sweet nectar of the forbidden fruit you desire turns into the poison it has always been…

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