The Two Types of People That Should Never Date...

The Two Types of People That Should Never Date…

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The giver and the taker.

The giver will give their all to please others, and the taker will take until there’s nothing left with no thought of reciprocation.

The giver is slow to ask for a favor. The taker constantly wants more.

Be it money. Attention. Love and affection. The giver’s ability to give and expect nothing in return is viewed as a vulnerability to the taker.

Now here’s the real tragedy in the situation.

This type of abuse and neglect often changes the giver forever.

When the relationship ends and the giver realizes they were being used, they say, “Never again will I be used and taken for granted.”

From that moment forward the giver becomes the taker in all their future relationships. Essentially becoming a mirror image of the person they despise.

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