Did Beyonce Hire a Private Investigator To Keep Tabs On Jay-Z?

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From “Big Pimpin” while parlaying on how to get a hold of one of Destiny’s Children, to being “Drunk In Love” alongside his bootylicious Queen Bey, Jay-Z done sure made his case to be known as the King of Sting.

Everybody and they mama knew the Jiggaman and Solange’s big sister were an item long before the couple’s April 2008 marriage in New York. But lo and behold, the first seven years of marriage for the biggest power couple in entertainment hasn’t necessarily been peaches and cream.

It all started during the episode that inspired Beyonce’s “billion dollars on an elevator” lyrics in her “Flawless” remix with Nicki Minaj. People everywhere have had their suspicions about Mr. and Mrs. Carter’s marriage ever since Lil’ Sissy Solange went upside Jay-Z’s damn head.

Fast forward to late April 2015 and you got a whole new can of worms on this here, okay? According to Grazia Magazine, the 33-year-old Beyonce has hired a private detective to keep tabs on the Roc Nation head honcho.

Several other sources, including  The Mirror have ran with this story too. The Mirror quoted an anonymous source close to the couple telling Grazia the following:

There are whispers Beyonce has hired a bodyguard to watch over Jay Z and report back to her. He’s there to take care of Jay, but part of his unofficial duty is to fill Beyonce in when she’s not there. Jay is often away, and Beyonce has found it hard in the past, so it’s security and reassurance for her.

With the new role of motherhood for the Queen of the Beyhive, a demanding music career, and the reality of being married to one of the busiest men in hip hop, it might not be far-fetched to think that the royal family of black music is experiencing a little turbulence during their first-class trip through marriage.

Hopefully, Jay-Z is keeping his tally-whacker where it belongs. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn… Especially a very powerful and rich one…

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