Maryland Rising: 4 Quick Facts About Baltimore’s Favorite Political Power Couple

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Ever since the brutal death of Freddie Gray at the hands of police officers in Baltimore, Maryland last month, another one of America’s predominantly black cities has been the center of major controversy.

Gray, 25, was arrested in B-More on April 12 last month for allegedly possessing an illegal switchblade. On April 19, Gray died while in police custody from catastrophic injuries to his spinal cord. This whole case opened up a new can of worms on police brutality, as another one of our young black males died at the hands of law enforcement.

But on May 1, a sister named Marilyn Mosby made national headlines as a no-nonsense prosecutor. She slapped felony charges against six police officers who were involved in the state-sponsored murder of one more of our sons.

Mosby, 35, is the publicly elected State’s Attorney for Baltimore City. She assumed her office in January 2015 as the youngest top prosecutor in the State of Maryland. I can tell you this; behind every strong woman is a strong man and vice-versa.

Mrs. Marilyn is married to Nick Mosby, a City Councilman for Baltimore’s seventh district. Mr. Nick has also been known as a tough, stand up city official who works hard to represent Baltimore’s 65 percent black population.

Here at, we thought we’d put a more personal spin on the story in B-More by providing some facts about the city’s political power couple that you might not know. Read them below:

1. They’re sweethearts from their college days. 

The Mosbys met each other while attending school at Tuskegee University in Alabama. Nick was an engineering student while his future wife Marilyn was studying law.

2. They’ve been married almost a decade. 

Who says two people can’t be young, black, and in love? According to state marital  records, the Mosbys made their nuptials official in October 2005. To God be the glory.

3. They have two daughters. 

Nick and Marilyn share a decent home in the  Reservoir Hill neighborhood of Baltimore where they are raising two young girls they’ve had together.

4. They’re outspoken. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mosby have both galvanized the national populace by boisterously advocating the black community of Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray. Mr. Mosby’s brave Fox News interview has been viewed on YouTube more than four million times. Mrs. Mosby’s stern May 1 announcement of the charges against the six officers propelled her into the status of a people’s champion.

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