Terrence Howard’s Ex Wife Threatens- “You want to see your little d**k out there in front of TV?”

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From the looks of it, one of Lee Daniels’ “Empire” star cast members is going through some nasty drama with their ex-spouse.

According to celebrity gossip site TMZ, Terrence Howard, the Oscar-nominated actor has proof that his former wife Michelle extorted him with some X-rated photos she has in her possession. Howard, 46, claims that under duress, he forked over five years worth of spousal support after his former wife threatened to expose racy pictures of his family jewels!

Howard’s marriage to Michelle lasted only a year. However, in legal documents filed by his attorney Brian Kramer, Howard alleges that his ex-wife made some steamy threats during arguments over what the actor would pay in spousal support.

During these livid verbal confrontations, which Howard secretly recorded, his ex-wife showed out…and I mean big time! “I can make a good $2 million right now,” Michelle allegedly exclaims in the taped argument. “You want to see your little d**k out there in front of TV?” she continues.

The man known on Empire as “Lucious Lyons” also claims to have taped evidence of his ex-wife making another anger-fueled threat. After saying she’ll expose him for allegedly giving her an STD, Michelle says, “Trust me, you’re f**k**g with the wrong person. You f**ked with me way too much. I will f**king bury you deep in the ground,” she says.

Howard wants the divorce court judge in this case to throw out the settlement agreement so he won’t have to pay what his ex-wife is asking for.

TMZ also claimed that the settlement will run on for at least another year. Money sure might be a motivator here.

Howard’s season two salary for Empire is reportedly going to be FAR more handsome than his season one salary.

Looks like girlfriend is trying to use some Hustle and Flow of her own. These silly Hollywood men better stop underestimating the danger of a scorned woman… doing the fool sho ain’t good for your pockets, okay!

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