The Decline of Manhood

The Decline of Manhood…

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One of my favorite TV shows is Divorce Court. Judge Lynn Toler is a great host and good example of what a black woman in America can be when she really applies herself.

There was an episode of this show I was watching a while back where Judge Toler was speaking truth to power. She was talking to a black man who was being sued by his ex-wife over child support. During Judge Toler’s lecture, she passionately but sternly described what she called “The Decline of Manhood.”

“[Manhood today] has nothing to do with your ability to provide, or what you become in your profession, or what you can bring home, or who you can bring up, and raise up and care for and defend and love,” Judge Toler said strongly in a clip of the show.

“It has everything to do with how nasty you can be with how many different women…how many different corners you can hang on…how many different babies you can bring into the world,” she angrily continued. No matter how you look at it, Judge Toler has a point here. She takes this idea even further in the full video.

You don’t have to look too far before you see how the decline of manhood is negatively affecting today’s generation. Not only are there emasculated images of black men displayed everywhere (TV, internet, other media), they are actually encouraged subliminally.

At what point do the real men stand up and say enough is enough?

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