10 Free Dating Sites You Should Sign Up For Now!

10 Free Dating Sites You Should Sign Up For Now!

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In today’s digitally dominated world, convenience is king. You don’t really have to wait for anything.

Why pay to subscribe to a newspaper or magazine when there’s free blogs everywhere that report news about everything? The same goes for dating. Why waste your car’s gas trying to find the person of your dreams when they might be only a mouse click away?

According to statistical data reported on a pop culture news blog, one-third of all couples who are currently married in America met their mate through an online dating site! So there is clearly a high level of interest in online dating.

Below are 10 free dating sites that you should sign up for now!


You’ve seen the commercials on TV and you’ve heard the ads on the radio. Everybody and their mama is using

They have around 1.4 million users hitting their site up any given month. According to the site’s user data, the members of are 47% male and 53% female.

Plus, non-black people who have a thing for sistas and brothas can network and find their chocolate fix of any flavor too.


This site is also a pretty hot commodity nowadays. Tastebuds has an interesting twist to it because it caters to people who want to find a lover through exploring similar tastes in music. With around 200,000 loyal users and counting, this site creates a great opportunity for lovers to have their first date at the live concert of their favorite musician.


This free online dating service provides users with a unique experience too. The Passions Network is actually a parent source to a number of smaller online dating sites with niche themes. Users can bond with potential mates over their mutual passions for things like science fiction, alcohol, organic foods, or even certain brands of fine tobacco products.

7. is actually the oldest candy store on the block. They’ve been around longer than any other online dating service. Starting in 2013, they vastly upgraded their match making precision techniques, which made them more accurate in hooking up compatible people. With more than 17 million users, there’s a big pool of sexy singles to choose from in all walks of life.


This site here has some sizzle. With over 10 million users and counting, iHookUp is definitely one of the more popular online dating sites available today. Users are able to take a “sexual compatibility test” to help them find a potential date with their same steamy desires in the bedroom. At iHookUp, you can definitely get some sparks flying by centering your search on what physically attracts you.


OkCupid is an online dating website made for people who want to have some fun during the process of hooking up online. With over 8 million users, there is a nice pool of sexy singles to choose from. All the compatibility quizzes available are generated straight from the users. Also, OkCupid’s dating app is considered by to be one of the best ones in the business.


Perfect Match has more than 13 million users in all. That number is also growing steadily. They set themselves apart by concentrating on catering to a base that is actually interested in a serious relationship. This isn’t the place to go for a casual fun boy or fun girl. They have features that help you filter out potential deal breakers before you begin your search for love.


Here’s another site for the fun boys and fun girls of the world. At Dating Agency, they try to make the whole single mingling process exciting and simple. They pride themselves on their results and stress their goal of actually getting people out there on hot dates. With more than 15 million singles available, the pool of eye candy in the jar is pretty large


Like Tastebuds and the Passion Network, focuses on helping users line up with the right mate based on things they are passionate about. This site is critically acclaimed in its genre and has some great ratings by many online sources that have screened its usage. It has a whopping 25 million-plus fan base that is still growing.

Drum roll please…….Now I bring to you the number one free online dating site on our top ten countdown..


This site here is living up to their brand name. POF is definitely the biggest and most popular free online dating site out there. With over 40 million users, it is also number four on the list of the largest sites in both the free and paid subscription genres, according to You’re pretty much getting all the goods you’d get on a paid site with POF.


To all you single ladies out there seeking instant gratification, choose wisely. There are plenty of men at these free dating sites; some good and some bad. But that’s the dating scene in general. You never truly know a person until the initial spark fades. Have fun ladies.

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