10 Keys to Balancing Work, Family, Your Relationship and Social Life

10 Keys to Balancing Work, Family, Your Relationship and Social Life

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Living in the 21st century is a definite balancing act. With work and family demands, having a social life can seem like a dream. Time itself keeps moving and it can feel as if you cannot get a handle on it. Here are 10 tips that can help you balance work, family, your relationship, and social life.

1. Take care of your health.

If you are not in good health you won’t be able to function at any capacity at a job or with your family. Overworking or stress can cause breakdowns in your body and if you’re not paying attention it can suddenly change your life forever. Exercise Wellness is not just physical, mental health is essential for care. Money is never a replacement for good health. It is not a trade off that will give a long term outcome you will be satisfied with.

2. Get organized.

A lot of time is lost in disorganization. That could apply to the workplace as well as the home front. It is important to have organization. Clutter is a stress agent and organization can relieve that stress. When you begin to get organized, it allows other parts of your life to run smoothly. This is more critical to striking a work-life balance than most people realize.

3. Take time alone.

It is so important to learn how to appreciate time alone. Whether you are married or single this is an important thing to do. It is so easy to get lost in the busyness of life and neglect time alone. Spending time alone could actually help in your other relationships. It’s in that time that balance is found.

4. Set boundaries.

The power of saying no for some people is the work of a lifetime. Your time is valuable and should not be spent on endeavors that will not benefit you. Saying no or at least not saying yes all the time allows others to understand that you actually have boundaries and will use them when necessary.

5. Travel.

Some people live in a town or city and never travel outside that area their whole life. There is a big world out there and traveling will give you the opportunity to see how others live. Also, it will open up your mind and can be relaxing to your body. Creating memories is a priceless thing and traveling gives you the chance to make new memories, not just reminisce about the 20-year old memories you have.

6. Take time alone with your partner.

Now that you have taken time alone, taking time alone with your partner is just as important. Life’s responsibilities can be draining. Taking alone time can allow you to be refreshed and give more to your relationship, family, and work.

7. Keep your relationship private.

It should go without saying, but keeping your relationship private is a part of setting boundaries. It also reduces stress and stress-inducing activities are an imbalance to your life. Unless you are in an abusive relationship sharing personal things about your spouse should not be a normal practice.

8. Get rid of guilt.

Carrying baggage from the past in any form is not a good thing. Guilt about your past can keep you stuck. Your life cannot be an enjoyment if you are harboring those types of feelings. You have to come to the conclusion that the event happened and there is nothing you are able to do about it now except move forward.

9. Remove waste in all its forms.

Time is a precious commodity since you’re not able to replace it. Filling your days with unnecessary and endless drama is not productive. It is a drain to your life and eventually your health. Constantly being late is also a waste and it is stressful. It can rearrange your entire day because of the time lost. It’s best to plan ahead as much as possible to prevent or even anticipate anything that might go wrong and adjust accordingly.

10. No negative people allowed.

It’s hard enough dealing with life’s challenges alone, but then when you are exposed to the negativity in some people it can be very draining. The saying, “Misery loves company” is a true statement. It is however within your power to decide if negativity is something you are will to tolerate. It can be hard if the person is in your immediate family, but the focus should be on the balance that is paramount for your life. That goes back to boundaries if a person is aware that you have boundaries and enforce them, they are less likely to push their negativity your way. You cannot control the actions of others, but when you are able, you should control whether that person is even worth having in your life.


Striking balance in your relationship, work, family, and social life is totally up to you. You have to take the necessary steps to command the balance that your life needs. Without proper balance, your life will be chaotic and that is no way to live.

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