5 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend When You Think He's Cheating

5 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend If You Think He’s Cheating

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There can come a time in a relationship when things happen that test the bond between couples.

Distance, career or job-related stress, trouble balancing family and domestic life, and financial problems are all common reasons why many marriages or relationships start going down hill.

Before any big bumps in the road come along, such as arguing, infidelity, or even violence, some prior catalyst created the environment for these adverse situations to start happening.

Many people know how to handle these kinds of stressors and tests like adults.

They figure out how to deal with problematic life situations without resorting to behavior or activities that end up leading to the end of a relationship.

When one or both people in a couple can’t deal with these stressors, negative things can start happening.

One of these negative things is the more common adversities of many relationships: Cheating.

I won’t sit here and fire off a bunch of statistics because most people know that the divorce rate in America is always hovering somewhere around 50 percent.

A good amount of these failed marriages are ended because of infidelity. The same goes for any intimate relationship, including those where marriage is not in the equation.

Many people, women in particular, are often blindsided when they’re finally able to confirm that the man they’ve chosen to be with is cheating on them (however they likely wouldn’t be so caught off guard if they knew this secret signal that he wants to cheat.)

It is worth pointing out that cheating does not just include having a sexual affair with another person.

It also includes maintaining an inappropriate pattern of communication with another person, such as phone calls, text messages, or communicating via social media or any other internet form of making contact.

Many times, women can hide it when they suspect their man is cheating on them or they’ll try to find out on their own without his knowledge by snooping in his phone or computer.

In all honesty, being up front and direct is the best way to express any suspicions you may have when you feel like your man is not faithful.

However, it is still possible to not ask the right questions when confronting your man about any suspicions you may have over his infidelity.

It is also important to ask these questions at the right times. That way, you’ll be able to find out the truth at a point when you can make the most rational decision.

The following 5 questions are excellent ones to ask in the event you think your boyfriend may be cheating on you.

Question #1. Why don’t you want me to come along when you’re attending family-friendly functions? 

5 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend If You Think He's Cheating

This is a good question to ask because all relationships should have some degree of accessibility to social functions that could easily be enjoyed by both parties.

Let’s say his workplace is having an employee picnic at the lake or something like that. If you’re not invited to be on his arm at such a function, then something is definitely going on at the workplace that he intends to hide.

When your man begins to exclude you from social gatherings something is definitely off.

Question #2. Why are you getting defensive when I ask simple questions about your whereabouts? 

5 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend If You Think He's Cheating

The truth is that when a man is asked any reasonable question about where he’s been, there should always be a deliberate and level-headed answer.

If he knows ahead of time that he’s not going to be getting off work at his usual time, he should be able to let you know that as soon as he’s aware of that. If he shows up several hours later than usual and gives an irritated response about having to work late, you should ask him why didn’t he let you know ahead of time.

Listen to his response carefully. Does it add up?

Side Note: If you think his excuses and explanations have been lies check out the link below for a tactic that will uncover the truth. Thank me later…

Question #3. Why don’t you take me out anymore? 

This is a big one here.

A man who truly loves you is never going to be ashamed to be out in a public place with you at all.

If your boyfriend started out in the relationship taking you to dinner and nights on the town but stopped all of a sudden, there is a good chance he is either thinking about enjoying nights on the town with somebody else or has already begun doing it.

Not wanting to enjoy any quality time in a public setting is definitely a red flag.

Question #4. Do you ever think about me when you’re away? 

A productive man who values the role of being a provider spends his time earning a living somehow.

As the saying goes: “If you don’t want a broke man… You want a busy man.”

However, when that living must be earned by spending an extended amount of time away from his woman, he should miss her.

If a man really loves a woman, he’ll think about her all the time during his days on the road or at his place of business doing what he has to do.

When he comes back in your presence, you have every right to ask him how much you crossed his mind.

There’s no reason why any real man should be annoyed by such a question.

His answer is a testament to his devotion to you.

Question #5. Why don’t we make love anymore? 

5 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend If You Think He's Cheating

Intimacy is a big part of how two people express their love for one another.

Now, it shouldn’t ever be the only thing that bonds two people, but it should definitely be one of the things a couple engages in regularly to validate their relationship.

If there isn’t a mutual sexual attraction between two people, then somebody is going end up hurt.

If your man has suddenly become disinterested in maintaining intimacy with you regularly, there’s a big chance someone else is receiving that missed level of attention.


There are obviously many more questions a woman could ask when she suspects that the man in her life is not completely faithful to her.

In fact, there’s probably not enough space on this web page to name them all.

But with that being said, the five questions to ask your boyfriend if you think he’s cheating identified in this article are definitely good ones to start with.

Even if you ask them and receive an answer that is less than the truth, you still put yourself in a position to clearly understand that something is not going right with the relationship.

Knowing how to confirm your biggest suspicions at the right time is a great way to provide the clarity you need to make the right decision about your future.

No woman deserves to be cheated on, mistreated and taken for granted.

If you find out your man is cheating ending the relationship is the best option in most situations.

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