Catfish or Nah? 3 Major Downsides of Online Dating Services

Catfish or Nah? 3 Major Downsides of Online Dating

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Finding love in the 21st century can be real tricky. There are so many new ways to meet a love interest. Mobile apps and online dating websites make access to the dating process move much faster, which can be a plus for some people. There are many different online dating sites like Plenty of Fish,, OkCupid, and the infamous EHarmony just to name a few.

Each site has its own style with its own visitors who have various agendas. The problem with being a user of an online dating service is that you never always know the agenda of a potential lover you’re trying to hook up with. For some people, the best way to connect with a potential significant other is the old fashioned way.

Below are three major downsides to using the new age matchmaking tool called online dating.

1. People can be very dishonest.

Once you’ve decided on the online dating site you want to use, keep in mind that it’s a good chance you could possibly run into a tech savvy liar. Don’t liars just make your skin crawl and itch? In this new age of “catfishing,” some people will still go to great lengths to pretend to be someone other than themselves.  Whatever happened to being genuine?  What’s a single girl/guy to do?

To get a decent start, you may have to become a private investigator of sorts.

After you’ve met the friendly stranger in person and the person you saw in the profile pic ends up being the same person in front of you, it might be wise to start doing some serious digging.

This leads us directly into the next downside to online dating.

2. Probing a person’s background or confirming authenticity takes too much work.

When you’re trying to hook up with a person online, you have to be very inquisitive. This is because with somebody new, you may not know who you’re getting. In the process of meeting someone online, you have to ask a whole lot of questions. Is this a recent picture of you on your profile? Do you still hold the job you have listed here? How often do you use this service?

Some people aren’t comfortable with asking a person more questions than their local lieutenant detective. They feel this discomfort over asking questions even though it’s the right thing to do. Also, searching a person’s criminal history after you’ve confirmed their real name is not always free online. Depending on where they got arrested, you may have to fork over some money to gain access to a complete list of offenses for that person, including violent sex offenses.

3. Online dating is an impersonal way of hooking up.

Just like texting or using email to communicate, online dating is an impersonal way to hook up with a potential lover. Using impersonal methods to connect with other human beings can have lots of drawbacks. For one, points you’re trying to make or feelings you’re trying to express can get easily misconstrued when relying on impersonal forms of communication.

The same can be said of online dating. There is so much that can lurk in the unknown when you’re virtually meeting someone as opposed to seeing them up close and personal in real time. You really have to be cautious.


It can be a crazy rollercoaster ride to dating in 2015. We’re not living in times like the 1950s where everybody trusted each other. From the business world to the dating scene, people did things on the strength of their good word and a genuine heart back then.

There was no need for contracts or any other binding arrangements to make sure a person was going to do what they said they’re going to do. Nowadays, people will breach any kind of bond on their word like it’s no problem. The same can be said of today’s dating scene and of the methods people use to participate in that scene.

If you’re really the type of person that values honesty or seeks to live by age old customs of being authentic, then online dating is probably not the thing for you. When searching for love, it’s very important to not lose the human element of engaging socially with another person.

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